10/31/18 09:05AM
province enable new edition
consumer to be discriminated carefully. Does Shaanxi province enable new edition does lumber manage treatment licence : ? Depend on of bottom of discharge  subcutaneous ulcer ton row? [url=]how to clean engineered wood deck[/url] Shaanxi province enables new edition " lumber manages treatment licence " Issue date: 2002-1-16 origin: This year, the country is natural forest protective project already was started in the round in my province, to assure this project

carry out smoothly, natural resources of effective [url=]pressure treated tongue groove shark[/url] control forest is used up, blow bans all sorts of irregularity to run treatment activity, my province will enable new edition " lumber manages treatment licence " . Those who save forestry hall, industrial and commercial management board " announcement " requirement, application " lumber manages treatment licence " , answer to be in charge of a branch to offer application

to the forestry of prefectural class above [url=]wood deck versus doors and windows[/url] of seat, fill in application form, clear lumber is main the content such as origin, management
property, scope of operations, management means, submit application report at the same time. Acquire the unit of licence, should arrive according to the content of approval registration [url=]anti slip pvc deck boards price[/url] book of department of industrial and commercial administration is rear can manage treatment.

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