11/01/18 06:23AM
market of this area
effect arrived since market of this area lumber. Area of together with Xinjiang in recent years economy grows at full speed, the country is developed western of the strategy [url=]extend floor joist[/url] carry out, demand of this area lumber is started, resource of native land lumber slants close, inland of have the aid of journey is distant, then many entrance lumber is become imperative. Europe: Woodiness plywood still welcome: ? Depend on of

bottom of discharge  subcutaneous ulcer ton row? Europe: Woodiness plywood still welcome Issue date: 2002-7-9 origin: The basis sets in the statistical number of Roman [url=]looking for discount outdoor decking[/url] Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations to make clear: European plywood imported a quantity to rise apparently 2000, rise to 4.7 million stere from 4.2 million stere (increased 11% ) . The export volume of the corresponding period rises

to 2.7 million stere from 2.1 million stere, increased 30% . Finland is the country with plywood the biggest crop, for 1 million stere. 2001, french plywood crop is 471 thousand stere, [url=]2015 wpc fence panels professional manufacturer[/url] italy is 398 thousand stere. In European plywood production, raw material 39% it is needle leaf material, the tree of other is planted basically be birch 23% . Rich log material and reasonable price are the key that European plywood

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