11/07/18 04:15AM
Depend on of bottom
product 4 into unqualified: ? Depend on of bottom of discharge  subcutaneous ulcer ton row? National quality is supervised selective examination express detail [url=]white vinyl flooring[/url] carpentry board product 4 into unqualified Issue date: 2002-12-27 origin: National quality is supervised examine quarantine total bureau announced joinery a few days ago board the product is supervised selective examination result, formaldehyde exceeds

mark to remain joinery board the main reason of product off quality. This national quality is supervised examine quarantine total bureau selectived examination in all [url=]Outside Composite Timber Flooring[/url] 22 kinds of products that 22 enterprises of the 8 provinces urban district such as Beijing, Shanghai, Heibei, Liaoning produce, product sampling percent of pass is only 59. 1 % . Quality problem basically is behaved the quantity is released to exceed

mark, mechanical performance in formaldehyde unqualified with the label not clear 3 respects. Formaldehyde releases a quantity to exceed a country to stipulate the standard [url=]cost to upgrade decking in manufactured home[/url] can endanger human body health directly. The discovery in selectiving examination, the joinery that some manufacturer produce board formaldehyde releases a quantity is national mark fiducial value actually 11 times much. Mechanical function points

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