11/21/18 02:44AM
building materials and furniture into
and downstream building materials and furniture into their own stores. Therefore, professional development is still very important. In addition, our stores are also adjusting and transforming to attract different brands to enter the market, and the number of customers in the future home stores will be more and more abundant.
The market responded with high feedback. The relevant person inquired about Ms. Gong who bought the Shangpin home delivery product in Jiangning Wanda this summer: In fact, before Wanda placed the order, I saw it in the professional store and consulted the price.
After coming back to discuss with my family, I felt that I could buy it, but I never had time to place an order. My family lives in Jiangning, and the building materials store is in Jiangdongmen. It is too far away. Later, when I took my child to Jiangning Wanda to play,
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