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the lumber city
international is changed, the lumber city of standardization, internationalization lumber of constant Shanghai Dong Huahuan ball trades market chief introduces, the management tenet [url=]build garden with plastic composite fence[/url] of the market is brand strategy. Current, this market already applied for to serve brand to the country. Our country general year entrance Japan fir 1 million M3: ? Depend on of bottom of discharge  subcutaneous ulcer ton row? Our country general year

entrance Japan fir 1 million M3 Issue date:[url=]philippines pvc farm fence posts[/url] 2002-10-28 origin: Delegacy of forestry of county of Japanese palace Qi combined the name of federation and head office of Xiamen city lumber to sign an agreement with palace Qi forest a few days ago, will be in class of diameter of the production inside Japan 30 centimeters of above, length exports our country in the Japanese fir of 4 meters of above, be in charge of the [url=]composite deck flooring available[/url] marketing that

acting Japan fir is in our country as total distribute by head office of Xiamen city lumber, year sales volume is provisional for 1 million stere. The one part that Japanese respect still gains profit management Japan fir is contributed piece, establish afforest to push fund, use at our country home to treat sand, prevent land [url=]building staircases using composite materials[/url] desert to change. Gong Qi is located in Japan 9 continent southeast ministry, natural condition is
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