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those who begin to
derivative new topic. Will remove those who begin to carry out on July 1 from this year " interior decoration decorates material set limit to of ill other people " since decathlon [url=]deck veneer boards[/url] mandatory standard runs a month, the market transmits disharmonious sound, a few association and detect the orgnaization detects to lead preoccupy environment the market, use the ambiguous understanding with both to mandatory standard and green standard

consumer, issue all sorts of so called " green product recommends certificate " , cause appeared on the market many " bogus green " product, "Green product " in be approbated extensively by [url=]build a retaining wall from composite[/url] the society while, losing its scientific, rigorous connotation. So, new why is promulgated mandatory standard does not say to go up green standard? The reporter interviewed Xia Qing of assistant dean of academy of Chinese environment science

technically to teach for this. Summerly professor tells a reporter, the face is put in a cognitive error here, be just like refrigeration, energy-saving it is the function [url=]waterproof planter liners[/url] with the basiccest freezer, can refrigeration cannot say freezer with respect to environmental protection, use freon to replace a product only, mix plus low noise energy-saving, ability says freezer had environmental index. " interior decoration decorates
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