09/01/19 05:24PM
Forum cleaned, cleaning up the rest. Please refrain from uploading loli/shota
Forum spam has now been cleaned up, was quite a big clean with many pages of spam removed.

This server apparently has been overlooked since we thought it was being managed. We will now rectify this as well as clean up the spam mess. It will take some time and we will try to make it as least disruptive as possible. We'll also add some additional tools to deal with future spam issues.

This site is under:

We have always had terms of service which prohibit depictions of children (note this only covers human children), so of course if we are aware there is this content here we will remove it. Clothed is fine providing it's not revealing or suggestive, older teens are perfectly fine. Please avoid using loli/shota tag from now on new images as none should be so.

If you have any inquiries about site policy which has always been in place but until recently no one has been upholding it lately, please let me know instead of discussing it on the forum, better to be direct and get info from the source.


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