01/06/17 09:20AM
Select the appropriate size of solid wood flooring
<p>The current market supply of solid wood flooring,<a href="">High-Quality WPC Wall Panels</a> size wide biased, long, such as 910 �� 125 �� 18,910 �� 95 �� 18 and so on. Should be less than 600 �� 90 �� 18, the smaller the size of solid wood flooring, anti-deformation ability is stronger, but the amount of floor deformation scattered in each floor,[url=]Adapt to a variety of environments WPC decking[/url] not concentrated in a floor , For which the visual is not obvious.</p>

<p>To choose the long, wide, large floor, well compared the style, the best choice of finger-wood floor.[url= ]outdoor patio flooring[/url] Finger-joined solid wood flooring is a lot of small solid wood flooring in a piece of bonding. It distributes the deformed stress on each patch. So the most difficult deformation of the floor. Selection of moisture content of solid wood flooring, moisture content is the impact of solid wood flooring is a crucial factor in the deformation.<a href="">Eco Lightweight Wood Plastic Composite Flooring</a> Usually the moisture content should be consistent with the local average moisture content.</p>

<p>Water content is too high or too low, the floor in the environmental humidity change will have varying degrees of dimensional change. China's vast territory,[url=]High fireproof private courtyard PVC fence[/url] different regions of temperature and humidity changes, especially in the south of the rainy, humidity, requiring solid wood flooring moisture content is high, if in the northern region, season dry, windy and rainy, requires solid wood flooring moisture content is low .<a href="">Environmentally wood-plastic materials</a> Solid wood flooring in the box and the local average moisture content within �� 2% of the range, the moisture content of qualified products.</p>

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