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Internet + "help furniture industry logistics transformation and upgrading
<p>2008 financial crisis so far, the global economy continued to slump, China's overall decline in trade exports, the furniture industry, overseas market sales decline is difficult to stop. Weak sales in overseas markets, the domestic furniture market sales and whether a strong return?</p>
<p>The author believes that the domestic furniture market will usher in a new round of development opportunities: First of all, 30 years of reform results contributed to the rapid rise of a large number of middle class, the furniture consumer groups increasingly popular in the high-end or personalized furniture products; Second, in full swing new Urbanization will make more rural population into the city,[url=]transporter beach chair with wheels[/url] hold up a new round of 2345 lines in the low-end urban consumer demand for furniture.
Although the domestic furniture market demand can be expected, considerable growth, but constraints furniture industry logistics development factors still exist:</p>
<P>1, small and medium-sized furniture enterprises accounted for more than 80% of the furniture market is less intensive, the logistics can not be unified and coordinated scheduling, management difficulties, logistics, resource allocation, logistics cost control and other major bottlenecks;</P>
<p>2, the furniture industry, the level of logistics information is generally low, storage and transportation sectors such as efficiency is not high, while the poor efficiency of the logistics coordination, customer consumption experience to be upgraded;
However, the loss or damage of furniture during transportation is more serious. Transparent management of the transportation process is becoming more and more important. In the process of transportation,[url=]best folding chairs for camping[/url] the furniture is more and more important. In the process of transportation, the safety and reliability of furniture are concerned.</p>
<p>4, in the furniture transport process, the consignee and the consignor can not be timely and convenient to understand the <p>transport of goods in transit, the furniture processing or sales have an impact.</p>
<P>So, in the current transformation of the furniture industry innovation and development, the state to promote the implementation of the "Internet +" and "Made in China 2025" strategy for the development of the furniture industry, what changes in logistics, but also for the furniture industry, What are the implications?</P>
<p>Based on the sustained attention of the furniture industry, as well as some segments of the furniture industry leading enterprises in the implementation of logistics information,[url=]portable beach fishing chair wholesale[/url] with you on the furniture and furniture industry to upgrade the logistics trends are as follows:</p>
<P>"Internet +" help furniture logistics upgrade</P>
<p>National Bureau of Statistics data show that China's furniture manufacturing industry, the main business revenue growth rate from 25.7% in 2011 fell to 9.3% in 2015; profit margins from 32.2% in 2011 fell to 14% in 2015. In such an environment, cost control has become the key to the operation and management of the furniture industry, and logistics costs account for more than 10% of the cost of furniture, so through technical innovation, optimization, help furniture industry logistics upgrade, become the furniture industry basic consensus.</p>

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