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How to get rid of the furniture industry, "homogenization" of the quagmire?
<p>"Ran five home stores, but can not buy a very creative sofa." Daily rush to Changsha in different stores Miss Wu complained to reporters from May this year,[url=]patio umbrellas for sale[/url] she has been looking for a modern style Of the sofa, but the store monotonous style, so that she "high-quality home dream" continue to fall.</p>
<p>Talking about the Hunan furniture industry, so that Hunan is proud of its huge output value. July 7, Hunan Provincial Economic and Information Commission issued the "light industry in Hunan Province," thirteen "development plan" clearly pointed out that by 2020, will achieve the scale of Hunan furniture business main business income of 50 billion yuan .
However, embarrassing is that one side of the furniture industry is widespread homogenization serious, lack of design innovation and other issues, the other side is the original design for the consumer,[url=]beach recliner outdoor chairs[/url] personalized expression and other spiritual needs of the growing. How to "homogenization" of the quagmire in the break, fast ahead of peer development? The industry pointed out that the original custom class transformation may become a new idea.</p>
<p>[Phenomenon] plagiarism prevailing wind, homogenization of ills highlight</p>
<P>Summer, August warm. At this time of year, a lot of stores will play discount merchandise promotional card, to ease the competitive pressures of the market. "Buyers with 2000 back to 1000", "original price 8300 yuan special 3800 yuan" ... ... into the furniture store, a variety of promotional advertising see dazzling, although the price of people see the heart, but the same copy of the product allows Consumers difficult to develop smile.</P>
<P>"Furniture styles are similar, in the same style before, just more than the price." Who lives in Xiangjiang Road, Ms. Dai was helpless, Changsha furniture stores are shopping, and still can not buy her in Hong Kong fancy half-packet type Back chairs, do not want to be,[url=]brasserie chair cushion[/url] can only be delayed again and again, "it is not, I went to Guangzhou to buy, be sure to buy my favorite dining chair.</P>
<P>And Miss Dai was troubled, as well as in the selection of furniture for the second set of Mr. Xu. "I was engaged in the design industry, the quality of furniture and creative requirements, but unfortunately, saw three months of furniture but can not buy my favorite loft-style sofa." Mr. Xu said, in order to present themselves Design effect, he has been removed Wuhan, Changsha, Nanchang and other cities to buy furniture, but the furniture shape is exactly the same, so that his soft fitted with the talent nowhere to be applied, the last can only be wronged, put together a "70" home dream .
August 5, the reporter visited a number of supermarkets found that although the market brands such as hairy, a store will have hundreds of brands, but different prices and brands of furniture will be slightly different, and some companies even image packaging like twins. "The children's bed I have seen in a brand, why do you two exactly the same?" The reporter's question, the Red Star shopping district of a children's furniture brand shopping guide said, "the same material, but the brand is not the same, It's hard to find something different. "</P>

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