01/09/17 05:54AM
Wood plastic products exports
<p>2009 is a difficult year for the flooring industry,<a href="">Friendly and environmentally friendly garden fence</a> foreign economic recession to 2 to 3 years to improve, China's wood products export volume currently ranks first in the world in 2009 despite many difficulties, but the flooring industry has been developed to 2010 Improved, the current flooring industry is also preparing to meet new challenges, after several years of adjustment, the flooring industry will really be done by the multi-turn. According to the 2005 World Forest Resources Assessment, the world's forest reserves are projected to be 434 billion cubic meters,[url=]WPC floor cleaning method[/url] 0.1% per year, mainly due to deforestation and deforestation of tropical rainforests.</p>

<p>Approximately 80 percent of the world's 1.6 billion cubic meters of industrial logs are produced in countries with increased forest stocks such as the United States,[url=]Utility Outdoor Wall Panel[/url] Canada, Russia, Europe and China, with less than 20 percent of industrial logs produced by countries with reduced volumes. Even in Brazil, where forest area and stockpile reductions are highest, more than half of industrial logs are produced in planted forests,<a href="">WPC floor quality</a> with sufficient plantation resources to mitigate the decline in wood productivity due to reduced natural forest and to expand the log production base.</p>

<p>The impact of the timber industry on the development of the flooring industry in 2010 In today's world economic integration, China's long-term import of large quantities of wood is beyond reproach.[url=]Vinyl Marine Flooring[/url] If we use wood instead of some non-renewable resources to reduce the consumption of oil and metal mineral resources and external dependence on China's ecological construction and economic development is also beneficial. We should promote the rational and scientific use of wood,<a href="">Composite Co-Extrusion Decking</a> through the demand for the promotion of forestry development, which is fully proved at home and abroad facts.</p>

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