01/09/17 06:04AM
Wooden floor repair method

The wooden floor in the home, with long paint color will be dim, some places paint can flake, appear likely still interstitial, with what method should remedy?

Wooden floor injury can be repaired with a few small measure.

If Qi Ze is dim, does the refreshment of burnish of wooden floor face have two kinds of methods?

It is to use a cup of clear water to add 1/4 cups of vinegar, wipe with what soft cloth dips in; 2 it is to use alcohol or toilet water, boiled water to soak soft cloth light mop, brush floor wax again. After if the surface paints small pieces,flaking, desirable with lubricious advertisement dye besmear fills, reoccupy varnish besmear is in the surface can in good condition be like first.

Of board face occurrence break, hole repair a method to there are two kinds? Detain is the newspaper cuts a books written in ancient times drossy, join right amount and aluminous, boil with clear water mushy, built-in seam inside, after working very firm.

2 it is to use white glue to mix wood chip mix is even, built-in and interstitial, burnish with sand paper after one day and night, simple economy.
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