01/09/17 11:15AM
Wood flooring species diversity Consumers how to buy wood flooring?
<p>Consumers in the selection of wood flooring when the best choice to the large store, because such a sales environment to ensure adequate supply, quality and reliable; in the purchase of wood flooring, many customers will think that the wood the more the better the floor, In fact, this is not the case,[url=http://www.environmentallyfriend...product/1569.html]cheaper landscape timber[/url] because a lot of wood the longer the longer the month from a deformation, so the purchase of wood flooring must pay attention to its standard length.</p>
<P>When choosing wood flooring, do not overlook the wood grain of the floor, in the selection must be straight wood grain-based, try not to select the pattern,[url=http://www.environmentallyfriend.../product/157.html]ceiling cladding panels[/url] because the pattern of wood flooring and ruled the deformation coefficient is different, if the shop together , There will be mutual influence between them.</P>
<P>Wood flooring hardness of the selection is also very important to choose when you can draw with your fingers, if the deep imprint, it shows the quality is not high, so the selection must be relatively hard wood; also pay attention to the flatness of the floor,[url=http://www.environmentallyfriend...oduct/1570.html]composite wood equestrian fence[/url] because This allows for more convenient laying.</P>
<P>Select the wood floor, try to choose small color, color large floor can be laid in a more subtle place, a small color difference can be shop in a clear place, so to ensure the use of the floor and laying effect.</P>
<P>Finally, we must remind consumers that in the face of many of the types of flooring market, do not be confused, as long as the quality of the floor, color, environmental performance, after-sales service and other aspects of research, we will be able to choose to meet their own needs flooring.</P>

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