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wood and building materials decorative
We are now in the domestic particleboard is a leading enterprise, is the largest of a production. Therefore, the China Forest Products Industry Association and colleagues recommended Jilin Forest Industry for the National Board of Participation Board of professional units. There is a big product is the floor, floor we have Jinqiao, solid wood flooring, as well as we see Beijing to strengthen the floor. Solid wood flooring is the first domestic production line, the recent development of the four factories, one in Dalian, one in Jilin Province, there are three.
Beijing in recent years to strengthen the floor from Beijing to do. These products also serve as our leading products. We also have a number of other Sohu forestry products. There are other provinces, they are taking another road, engage in a variety of management, planting industry, value-added industry development of forest products industry. This is the way we go. I would like to introduce Jilin Forest Industry Co., Ltd. Jilin Forest Industry Co., Ltd. Its main product positioning is wood and building materials decorative materials.
Combined with this topic, I will introduce the overall development of Jilin forest floor ideas. We are very concerned about the forest floor. This is how the development of the floor, how to think. Take this opportunity to share with you, tell us about. Jilin forest workers now have a large number of nearly 2.3 billion in total assets, the total asset position is wood, we have the largest forestry bureau, the original output is 350,000, and later because the national protection project cut now become 202,000, nearly 200,000 The surgery on the wood is a piece.
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