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Internet + wardrobe "big trend wardrobe how to go
<p>In recent years, with the development of electronic business channels, many wardrobe enterprises have to enter the Internet to carry out online sales channels, but online development is good,[url=]hotel folded bed[/url] but if the blind attention to the line and ignore the line of development is not conducive to business Of the long-term development. So, in the era of Internet flooding and use, wardrobe enterprises to choose the right path of development is particularly important.</p>
<P>Wardrobe on the pure line sales and operation of many problems</P>
<P>In the minds of most people, the electricity supplier is the online sellers, and the closet because of the larger, inconvenient logistics, after-sales difficult to ensure that the characteristics can not be purely on-line sales. Many wardrobe enterprises to online and offline default for two different channels,[url=]metal folding chairs kids[/url] but this line and the line separated from the traditional business sales model is not conducive to business development.</P>
<P>Numerous cases prove that the sales of closet pure line can not stand the test of the market, if the line in accordance with the traditional electric line way to do double-track system will only go to a dead end. The industry summarizes this dilemma for the "line of the next to come, do not go up the line." Mainly in the online store can not get offline store support, line business to go online to solve the online business and traditional channels of conflict between,[url=]antique diner bistro style table[/url] and thus more difficult. So, is the direct abandonment of the Internet this channel? Of course not. Wardrobe enterprises need to completely reverse the thinking from the pure line on the current sales of traditional business model can not continue the situation.</P>
<P>Wardrobe online sales can be "one of the two basic points"</P>
<P>Wardrobe sales on the pure line is not a suitable mode of operation. Many people feel that the era of electricity providers quietly evolved into another more advanced form. Wardrobe electricity providers to develop, to understand the nature of electricity providers: "people use the Internet tools to improve business efficiency of the business model." The industry believes that only fully understand the nature of the Internet and the purpose of the development of Internet channels in order to realize the pattern of changes in the traditional electricity business reasons. In the evolution of this business process, there are people in the industry with "one center two basic points" to sum up.</P>

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