01/10/17 08:10AM
Flooring development and cooperation
<p>Beijing Changli Wood Co., Ltd. held the theme of "faith to create a miracle with confidence to write brilliant" in 2010 the European floor of the Chinese New Year and 2009 annual awards ceremony came to an end.<a href="">The Practicability Of Preservative WPC Wall Panel</a> Relevant industry leaders, guests nearly 800 people participated in the Federation of the Association, the European floor to share the joy of growth.[url= ]green wood plastic material[/url] European floor president of some impassioned speech, the annual meeting to a climax, while encouraging everyone here.</p>

<p>European floor since the establishment of the eighth anniversary of the sales situation has increased steadily. In the context of the financial crisis,[url=]Synthetic Teak Decking For Boats[/url] sales in 2009 rose 30% year on year, as of November 2009 European floor in the country 26 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions built 478 stores. The reason why the European floor to be able to achieve such a remarkable performance, the European flooring Zhang Changli, chairman of the floor and the European floor,<a href="">Replacing Boat Floor</a> Zhang Yuexuan president, European floor Yan Guangcai CEO.</p>

<p>China Forest Products Industry Association Deputy Secretary-General Lv Bin,[url= ]wood plastic material[/url] floor, Dr. and other guests were warmly delivered a speech, and the floor of the European floor of the staff gathered for a New Year. The following is the live scene: European floor Zhang Changli Chairman's Message Dear guests, the European team of the elite Hello, everyone! Welcome to the arrival, thank you for your busy schedule to join the European floor, I hope you, as always,<a href="">WPC Wall Panels Decorative Materials</a> support the European floor, and finally congratulated the European floor will be a successful annual meeting, thank you!</p>

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