01/10/17 12:05PM
Winter Construction of Cement Concrete Mixing Station
<h3>Equipment safe operation</h3>
<p>1, in the workshop driving excavator staff, before driving to understand the surrounding circumstances and the scope of mobile security, should be slow to avoid rapid and significant action,[url=]Environmentally friendly asphalt crack repair equipment market[/url] and always pay attention to the guidance and tips outside the car.</p>
<P>2, outdoor driving excavators must understand the safety range before the equipment, especially when there are two or more than two test machine at the same time, the driver should agree with each other the scope of the trial site and driving routes to avoid chaos caused by Of the accident.</P>
<P>3, excavators need to dig in the soft ground operations (construction) or in the road without the road driving, the driver should be aware of underground pipe network in advance to avoid damage to the underground pipe network.
Please note! Start working!</P>
<P>4, the driver should avoid fatigue driving or drink driving, driving process should focus on observation of possible risk factors around, if necessary, should stop inspection. Beeps should alert other people around the device before starting it.</P>
<p>5, the equipment maintenance work should be removed from the key,[url=]Anti Oxidation Asphalt Chip Sealer car dealers[/url] and the device handle hanging warning signs on the maintenance, to avoid unrelated personnel to operate the equipment. When you use the trailer to transport the excavator, you must use the pedal. The use of bucket support equipment from the practice is very dangerous, it is easy to cause the equipment tilting.</P>
<P>6, the equipment work with the air during the high-voltage wires to maintain adequate safety distance. Safety distance of high-voltage lines of 1 to 10kV is 4 meters; safety distance of 1-10kV high-tension lines is 6 meters;[url=]Anti rain series bituminous sealant[/url] safety distance of 35-110kV high-tension lines is 8 meters; safe distance of 154-220kV high-tension lines is 10 meters; safety distance of 350-500kV high- Is 15 meters.</P>

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