01/11/17 06:55AM
American style mood shopping floor
Winter Sonata - Fulin South American style mood shopping floor --------- giants ice-breaking, Christmas Carnival; 18 yuan / ㎡ also sell! Quality is still !! focus tips brand: Ai Nuofa flooring (national standards drafting units, China Mianjian products) Limited: 5000 square meters varieties: seven series, nearly 100 kinds of colors, 18 yuan per square meter (VIP exclusive customers) .
A cup of thick coffee Time: December 23-24 Winter Songs - Fulin South American style mood shopping section Location: Jinsheng International Home Jiangdong stores Central Hall December 23, 24, you look forward to the day, Ainuo France race floor, Fulin floor, South American style floor three floor giants, the city heavy volume, detonated cold winter.
Christmas, ad hoc laminate flooring and solid wood flooring two classic promotional special, to create a Christmas carnival. Beyond the imagination of the surprise discount, colorful flower color species. Winter Sonata - Fulin South American style mood shopping section, there is no home appliances gift, there is no precious gift, but no cash feedback! There is only a thick cup of coffee, so you in this Christmas holiday in the taste, taste the taste of the festival, enjoy the fun of slowly buying the floor!
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