01/12/17 03:34AM
development of the brand
In these enterprises at the end of the different names in the drama, you can see a lot of win over dealers, the development of the brand, to achieve a win-win operation. Coup a: incentive to stimulate the music festival, Golden Horse Awards and other grand awards ceremony at the end of the entertainment staged in the home circle is no exception, the selection of the first name of the activities come and go, the veterans are running around.
the award also Do not forget to work hard on the dealers were "rewards." In the just concluded "Yuanzhou foreign port company 2006 operation" forum, in addition to the practice of Yuan Chau high-level management of the market outside the city to do a summary, announced next year Yuan Chau Group strategic planning and awards, the annual forum also from the human resources , Designers, integrated home, engineering, marketing and other aspects of five aspects of management discussions, hoping to clarify the problems of foreign companies.
Yuan Chau Group also issued for the sale of meritorious branches of prizes and certificates to encourage the effectiveness of branch offices around. Yuanzhou Group Chairman Li Taiyan said: "Enterprise convention is customary, set different awards to encourage local branch is essential, the annual summary and reward together will help the brand to operate more Yuanzhou more The best management promotion prize, the best brand promotion award.
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