01/12/17 05:14AM
Misleading in Solid Wood Flooring Consumption
<p>First, the quality of the errors Many consumers in the purchase of solid wood flooring,<a href="">composite deck floor plans</a><br /> the wood did not understand the characteristics, quality, only blindly in accordance with the direct will to envision the quality of the remaining solid wood flooring standard to buy,[url=]wood plastic decking used for siding[/url] the result is often not spend money Less effective embarrassing situation, and even full stomach grievances nowhere.</p>

<p>To this end there are several consumer misunderstanding, we must remind everyone. 1,[url=]low carbon and construction material environmental wpc decking[/url] the pursuit of the floor long and wide 2, the buyer and the laying of two separate 3, excessive pursuit of chromatic aberration, the same texture Solid wood flooring is a natural wood products, the same tree due to planting different locations, different sunlight, different humidity and other natural environment , The color is different, and furthermore, if the same tree saws cut down the wood,<a href="">build a wooden bench with back</a><br /> due to the location of the different saws in different shades of color, wood texture different sapwood light color.</p>

<p>Heartwood color depth,<a href="">balcony floor for sale</a><br /> so there is real wood floor color and uneven patterns of the phenomenon, which is a natural phenomenon, but also one of the important features of return to nature. Therefore, in the GB / T15036-2001 new solid wood flooring national standards, the color does not make any requirements. Second, the laying of Timber Board in the block board quality is good or bad water content can not see,[url=]composite floors installation instructions[/url] can not guarantee quality, direct Affect the quality of the floor.</p>

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