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MLP Clopfics: Lust
Equestrian milfs/cougars want your sperm.

You were finally at that age where your eyes started to wander, and to places they shouldn't be.

The flanks of Ponyville's mares had constantly caught your attention, and always filled your head with lewd thoughts.

You were always caught however, and strangely enough, an almost playful sounding scolding was what you would get in response. If you didn't know any better, it was almost as if they enjoyed your perverted stares. Even the married mares seemed to hold back on giggling before they reprimanded you for your "naughty" behavior.

You were just a horny teenage colt, plain and simple. And the thing is, what you wanted was secretly what the adult mares wanted as well.

Mrs Cake escorted you to the back of the bakery, promising you a special treat. As usual, your eyes were fixated solely on the pudgy baker's large rear on the way there, but without the usual "scolding" accompanying easily being caught doing so.

You were in such close proximity to the fat blue milf ass as they jiggled mere inches from your almost drooling muzzle, you could pick up the scent of sweet pastries wafting from the enormous mounds.

Forget illicit thoughts, your teenage hormones were boiling within you, telling you to mount the massive gelatinous rear in front of you.
You were certain the humongous globes could easily swallow your entire head, and you desperately wanted all the ponderous assfat smothering your now unsheathed colthood in its immense softness.


As a young virgin, you were naturally inexperienced in the ways of mating. However, that did not stop you from showing as much enthusiasm and vigor as you did when you had gotten your wish in mating with Mrs Cake. Despite her marehood being concealed by the massive blue globes of her rear,
it was not long before your length reached the hidden breeding hole and started frantically hammering away at her humongous haunches with all the energy you could muster.

Like two massive blue cushions, the baker wife's enormously plump asscheeks rippled constantly as they absorbed the sharp impact from your hips repeated thrusting. Her aged cunt was also wrapped snugly around your rigid length, feeling heavenly clamped around every throbbing inch despite its initially loose feeling.

The snug wet warmth around your pecker had quickly become too much for you to withstand, and Mrs Cake's womb was soon pelted with countless salvos of pent-up seed. Both your bodies had tensed in response to your teenage essence spurting into her tightened cunt, with your hips being wedged firmly between her enormous buttcheeks as the contents of your pulsing sack emptied into your married middle-aged partner.


Mrs Harshwhinny could easily spot the rigid hard-on bobbing between your legs, an immediate response to the massive orange globes she had unintentionally wobbled in your face.

You didn't know when, but the Equestria Games inspector had fattened herself up to the point of having a pair of hefty flanks similar to Mrs Cake. Ms Harshwhinny's bloated plot swayed and wobbled constantly due to the deliberately seductive gait she had, and yet she acted oblivious to it all.

Following right behind her, it was all you could do to keep from up and mounting the enormous orange haunches jiggling in front of you, and your protruding erection was a visible indicator of it.


Her name was Spoiled Rich, and as the name implied, she was a mare from an upper crust society.

Despite the haughty attitude she directed towards everyone, that did nothing to stop her from seducing you into following her into a nearby alley conveniently nearby. The very same look she always had briefly melted into a look of uncertainty as her withering gaze fell upon your throbbing erection, as if having second thoughts about letting a total stranger (and a hormone addled teenager at that) breed her.

The irony of the full situation was not lost on you as you mounted Mrs Rich, fucking a very wealthy and married mare in an unkempt alleyway. The same damp pussy clamping down tight on your intruding length was the same breeding hole that brought her husband's daughter Diamond Tiara into the world, and it seemed as though that same hole would soon deliver your own at the rate she was milking you.


Sucked off by a donkey mare.




Princess Cadance

A strong throb caused a bit of pre to escape your erect stallionhood, an uncontrollable reaction

01/31/17 04:30PM
Equestrian fillies are after your stallion sperm.

You're a seemingly average stallion.

For some very strange reason, the various young fillies of Ponyville really liked you. A lot. They endear themselves to you just after meeting you for the first time, always placing their trust in you instantly, and insisting upon trying to get to know you more soon afterwards.

Part of what those fillies feel for you is something they all shouldn't be feeling until puberty, however. Though you didn't know it at first, your very presence had made their loins stir with a subconscious need to mate, putting them all through a sort of "pseudo-estrus" despite them simply being too young to be impregnated.

Despite your initial feelings towards all the attention you garnered daily, eventually your body had started to reciprocate the same desire of the numerous fillies that had desired you in such a lewd way. You began to foster a strong arousal of your own that was easily noticed by them, but remained unnoticed by the other adults.

They all wanted you to themselves, and now your breeding instincts compelled you to desire them the same way. You now wanted them all to yourself despite them being so young, and their difference in height didn't help matters either since you knew it gave them all a perfect view of your heated loins. You had to be careful of what ran through your head too, otherwise you would give a random filly a glimpse of your member as it dangled free from its sheath.

Which was difficult since, at this point, your libido always seemed to kick into overdrive at the mere presence of a young filly. A part of you even wanted the underage girls to take a gander at your genitals as they were engorged with primal need, feeling your sack bloat with your potent sperm when you suspected a nearby filly of sneaking a peek at what was active between your hindlegs.

One day, with errant thoughts of herding all of Ponyville's fillies into your own little harem despite your eroding moral misgivings towards the very idea, you had given in to your base urges and made your claim on a young unicorn by the name of Sweetie Belle.


It was just you and Sweetie Belle. The intimacy began quickly after you picked a nice spot where you and the eager unicorn filly could hide from the world while you both mated in peace.

You both knew what the other wanted, as the young filly eyed your stallionhood with an almost hungry look in her eyes while your own were glued to the dripping wet orifice below her hiked up tail.

Despite her understandable lack of knowledge regarding intimacy and intercourse, Sweetie Belle simply knew to heed her own instincts and presented her haunches to you. The underage unicorn had waited patiently as she knew her stud would do the rest, and was right when she felt you position yourself atop her smaller frame.

Your throbbing member smacked against Sweetie's asscheeks as you impatiently struggled to align its blunt tip to her dripping wet cunt. For a young unicorn filly that was also half your size, you couldn't help but notice that the backside Sweetie Belle eagerly presented to you also happened to be just plump enough to have a bit of a plush softness in the small cheeks.

Once you felt her moist cooter lips kiss your leaking cocktip however, you simply plunged deep inside the once unexplored cavern and let its warm walls squeeze your length tight. Sweetie Belle gave a cute squeal upon bottoming out, but had given no hint of discomfort as you claimed her innocence, and hastily proceeded to hump away at her soft white rear.

You and Sweetie Belle had mated fervently in your lust addled states, wet loins and lower bodies colliding frantically in your convenient solitude. You were focused solely on the delightfully constricting wetness around your cock, and the eager young filly panting below you was obsessed with the throbbing meat pole plunging in and out of her once untouched hole. Flooding throughout her adolescent body were previously foreign, yet so powerfully addictive sensations that Sweetie Belle simply couldn't get enough of.

Despite the virtual impossibility of conception or the inevitable social backlash in case it ever did occur, the idea of young little Sweetie Belle impregnated with your foal had crossed your mind before the pressure in your loins began to grow overwhelming.

After several tense moments of remaining completely hilted within Sweetie Belle, your pent up seed had begun to erupt into Sweetie's tight fillyhood in repeated spurts. You both shuddered with carnal bliss with every thick rope of hot spunk that released deep inside the once untouched, yet very welcoming breeding hole that Sweetie Belle happily offered you.

Said hole also did a fantastic job of milking your shaft of its hot cream, squeezing every turgid inch tight in order to coax every last drop out of your tightened sack until you were completely spent.


"Okay, Rarity's gone now!"

Sweetie Belle had helped you with sneaking into Rarity's boutique for the sake of more illicit lovemaking. You couldn't help but wonder how she would feel if she knew you were rutting her cute little sister, and that you always had said sister's very eager consent.

"Can we do it now? Huh, can we?"

Sweetie could see your erection bobbing out of your sheath plain as day. She already knew the answer, and nearly tripped over herself in excitement in trying to present her backside to you.

You positioned yourself over Sweetie once more, and a little prodding against her tight filly pussy was followed by the rest of your stallionhood submerging itself back into the underage pussy you loved so much.

Just you and your underage lover enjoying the simple pleasures of life.


It was just you and Applebloom, rutting like the animals that lived in her family's barn.

As expected of a young earth pony, her backside was more firm and tight against your pounding hips. Her fillyhood's inner muscles also seemed to do a more efficient job of squeezing and milking your length as it sank in and out of her. Because her constricting depths had quickly brought you to your peak, you already had an idea of where your second load would go.

Applebloom's cunt was quickly filled to the brim with hot spunk when your release came, and your mixed fluids had quickly squirted free from the tight orifice and pooled under both your hindlegs. Your stallionhood remained erect inside the young filly's overflowed hole, and produced a wet pop upon pulling it free.

As Applebloom remained as eager as ever for you to rut her, she had expressed confusion when your still turgid length was pulled out of her, only to shudder against you when she felt something blunt and slick nudge against her tailhole.


Having used both her tight holes, young Applebloom looked about ready to collapse on the wooden floor. While her used fillyhood was still pouring out your thick seed, her tiny ponut kept sputtering out streams into the air and onto the wooden floor like a pent-up geyser.


Scootaloo knew how to tease you.

One of Scootaloo's lewd public displays aroused you beforehand, with her flashing her tight flanks and leaking pussy right at you while the other adults were not looking. Later on, Scootaloo had positioned herself between your hindlegs, discreetly rubbing her heated genitals against yours.

You felt your own roused nethers start to leak its own musky fluids from the illicit stimulation, either dripping onto the grassy ground or smearing onto the young filly's flanks.

While you felt the naughty filly try to coax you into mounting her in the middle of public, everypony else saw a playful young filly having some fun with an adult stallion.
As enticing as it felt to have her moist slick flesh stroking away at the underside of your engorged length, you had done your best to ignore your instincts screaming at you to mate with the underage pegasi then and there.

At least until you and Scootaloo could find someplace private to do so to both your heart's content.

You and Scootaloo were mating in such an unusual position, or at least unusual for a pair of ponies.

You had pounced on the naughty pegasi filly when you both were out of sight, having pinned her down on a soft pile of hay and wasting no time in insistently grinding your rigid length into her underage cooter.

In your excitement, you couldn't be bothered to bend Scootaloo over, only making sure she had spread her hindlegs wide before your leaking tip made contact with her moist hole. One thrust was all it had taken to bury yourself to the hilt and claim the young pegasi's innocence, and then letting nature take its course then and there.

You felt Scootaloo's slim legs wrap tight around your midsection as you plunged in and out of the newly explored orifice, with your grunts and groans intermingling with the lewd sounds of your groins repeatedly colliding together. She could feel your scrotum's wrinkled skin brush against her quivering asshole, stimulating the tiny pucker while the hefty weight of your sack spanked into her firm orange rump.


The pent-up load Scootaloo had worked up in your balls had soon erupted its way directly into her tummy, having exploded into her lying form over and over again until her stomach had visibly bloated from the sheer amount flooding her insides.

Even when full, every strong pulse discharged another thick rope into Scootaloo and stretched her belly taut due to the engorged tip having plugged her fillyhole shut. With no escape, the increasing amounts of seed had remained sloshing inside her expanding stomach until your sack ceased releasing its warm foal batter.


Babs Seed was a chubby little filly. Because of her own small figure being heftier than the average young filly, her own flanks were thicker, softer, more pliable, and
all-around noticeably bigger as a result.

Babs Seed's haunches had held enough pudge to jiggle visibly on their own, and the more swift movements made on her part would sometimes make the sizable buttcheeks clap together. Having been part of the reason why she was teased back in her hometown (other than her lack of Cutie Mark), her larger than average rear was something the young filly was both aware of and embarrassed by.

Until after she met you, that is.


Your protruding member gave an involuntary twitch at the sight of Babs Seed's presentation of her bigger than average posterior, who had reluctantly proceeded to do so at your request.

You pressed your snout into Babs' left asscheek, marveling at its soft contour against your nose as you took a deep inhale of the cushy globe. The pudgy filly had given an involuntary quiver as she felt your hot breath close to her nethers, causing the chubby cheek to jiggle slightly against your snout and pressing you to go further.

Your muzzle dove in between Babs' buttcheeks, relishing the plush feel of her sizable globes engulfing part of your muzzle in cushy warmth as your tongue stuck out and made intimate contact with her asshole. The plush stimulation around your muzzle caused you to start leaking pre in your excitement, and the pudgy filly gave more tiny quivers in response to her small pucker being moistened by your tongue.

Babs noted the absence of your drooling maw from her plump ass as she sensed you positioning yourself above her. Expecting to feel the oozing tip of your rigid stallion meat poking and prodding against her leaking entrance, she instead felt its stiff length wedge itself between her rotund rump.

Babs' big buns were plump enough to squeeze part of your member in its plush softness, an intoxicating sensation that also compelled you to grind the underside of your rigid length into the same tailhole the plump buns hid. The Manehattan earth pony had probably never imagined anypony liking a filly as chubby as her, let alone the part of her body she was most ashamed of due to its eye catching obscenity.

And yet, the adult stallion behind her was lavishing it with so much attention that Babs Seed couldn't help but feel an unfamiliar sense of lewd pride in her pudgy posterior, seeing as you were thrusting your turgid pole through the soft crevice of her thick buttcheeks.

Babs could feel your heartbeat through the slab of stallion meat you had between the twin globes, and had started to feel something warm and sticky trickle onto her lower back. Babs soon heard a deep grunt escape your clenched muzzle, preluding the messy bursts of hot semen that began to splatter against the back of her neck. The young Manehattan filly was both surprised and strangely elated with the sheer volume of it coating most of her lower back in thick ropes, and subconsciously tightened her pudgy rear's hold on his spasming length in the hopes that the lovely friction would prolong it.

Due to Babs' pudgier build, your bodies produced a more profound smack upon each collision. The constant impact made her thick and pliable rear jiggle against your groin enticingly, and combined with her wet breeding hole so tightly gripping your length made mating with the young Manehattan filly a rather noteworthy experience.

Unlike with Sweetie Belle and Applebloom, your illicit lovemaking with such a pudgy young filly also produced so much noise. The lewd sounds of Babs' big butt being spanked into by your crotch filled both your ears, as well as the surrounding landscape.

Eventually, the warm wetness that clamped tight around your pulsing length was simply too much for you to withstand, and Babs soon felt the same gooey warmth begin to spray into her fillyhood in thick ropes. The young brown earth pony never imagined that your hot load would feel so heavenly splattering into her snug depths, and yet felt as if she was in elysium with how the sticky salvo of stallion seed never seemed to end.


You saw her playing with her friend Spice with the same adorable bucktoothed grin until they both soon noticed you in the distance, ceasing their activity in favor of rushing towards where you stood.

Unlike Babs, Sugar's entire body was padded with pudge instead of just her plush posterior, giving the plump cheeks a delicious wobble as she and her friend galloped to your position. While Spice's taller, lanky body didn't deter you from lusting after her too, you were mainly enticed by the shorter, chubbier unicorn.

Your forelegs wrapped around Sugar's paunchy midsection, cock prodding against pudgy plot while your idle hooves played with the chubby filly's plump potbelly. Spice watched with a mixture of anxiety and envy as her bucktoothed friend was mounted by the much older stallion above her, and the gasped in unison when she witnessed her sudden reaction as you proceeded to pump your hips forward.

Your stiff meat quickly bypassed Sugar's jiggly flanks, and made its abrupt intrusion into her unsullied fillyhood after briefly savoring the soft feel of her thick cheeks around your shaft. Sugar couldn't help but pant as you began the illicit mating.

Just like Babs, Sugar's pudgy flanks contained more than enough padding to produce a delightful smack and ripple upon contact. Her insides squeezing and milking away at your length greatly added to the lovemaking experience, and your swelling tip was already oozing pre into her depths.


The swollen tip of your stallionhood provided a makeshift seal for Sugar's tiny womb, trapping the building seed within her uterus and causing her plush gut to bloat with every spurted load of cream. Her paunchy belly had started to make contact with the ground with the fourth or fifth spurt of hot spunk.


"Daddy's pretty little princess", or Diamond Tiara was lapping away at the underside of your stallionhood. Ignoring the droplets of precum leaking onto her mane, her tiny tongue lapped away at the taut and sensitive flesh throbbing in her blushing face while her forehooves massaged and kneaded the tender flesh of your wrinkled scrotum.

Normally, the spoiled earth pony filly would've thrown a fit at having her multicolored mane dirtied, but the "attraction" she harbored along with Ponyville's other fillies easily quelled such a reaction.

Soon, you were nudged onto the brink of orgasm from Diamond's oral treatment, and one small kiss placed on the base of your shaft was enough to instantly set you off.
Your sack contracted against the spoiled filly's chin, and thick ropes of your gooey seed began to fly free from your swollen cocktip. She had buried her snout into your testes as they hugged your groin, immersing herself in the musk emitted from the pulsing orbs as they released their contents into the open air.


Diamond Tiara's parents were curious as to where their daughter had went, with Filthy Rich being concerned as to her whereabouts and Spoiled Rich wondering why she wasn't occupied with helping show off their status in front of the other partygoers.

Thankfully, the various noises of the attendees had drowned out the sounds of lewd lovemaking you
had made with Diamond inside a conveniently vacant guest room. The normally snobby filly had looked so attractive to you in her cute little floral dress, and the inevitable presence of your throbbing arousal had filled her snout with your musk, helping mellow her out and eased her into your lustful embrace.

It wasn't long before your aroused form was on top of Diamond Tiara, the oozing head of your cock prodding at her wet entrance before slipping its way inside her hot and slippery depths.

The heavenly feel gripping your entire length was savored for only a moment before you proceeded to rut Diamond properly, vigorously smacking your crotch into the tiara emblazoned ass she had offered to you so timidly in contrast to her normally smug self.

Your hips humped away at the tiny pink asscheeks until her fillyhood quickly managed to squeeze out your creamy load, at which point your sweaty bodies had quivered in place in response to the orgasmic sensations assaulting your bodies. Dick lodged firmly inside Diamond, your throbbing pole erupted its thick seed directly into her tiny womb.

Because Diamond had stressed how expensive her dress was beforehand, you were careful to fire every last rope of cum deep inside. Despite this however, the surge of hot semen flooding into her breeding orifice had quickly overflowed and pooled onto the otherwise sparkling wooden floor.

Diamond initially panicked when her ears picked up your combined fluids gushing onto the floor, and then breathed a sigh of relief when she checked the bottom of her dress and saw no resulting stains.


Two round filly plots, one grey and one pink, had greeted your vision, completely glazed with sweat and musk. Glistening between their soft cheeks were their soaked cunts, two breeding holes drooling their female lubricant in a show of arousal for their horny stallion.

The lewd sight and smell emitting from the two underage fillies made your already hard erection lurch and smack itself against your belly, frothing its own male juices from the swollen head in your perverse excitement.


Every throb and pulse your cock gave inside Silver Spoon had slung another rope of hot cream into her belly, which caused her stomach to gradually swell and distend towards the ground from the accumulating weight. Her fillyhood gripped your length in a constricting vice, with its delicious tightness preventing even a drop of your stallion spunk to spill out of its warm depths.


Twist was one of the few fillies left in Ponyville you could approach without your breeding instincts getting the better of you. You still felt the occasional pang of lust towards the lisp speaking earth pony, but not to the point where your arousal would outright show itself in her presence.

Likewise, Twist had seen you in a more platonic way, as more like a friendly potential customer than a soon-to-be lay. Her own budding urges were simply ignored, and she focused more on her talents with making candy.

Unfortunately, fate would soon corrupt the semi-pure relationship you once had with innocent little Twist.

As a side effect of her newfound cutie mark regarding her sweets, Twist had wound up steadily gaining weight. Before long, the young candy maker's form had started to resemble Mrs Cake in terms of pure plumpness.

From your perverted perspective, this meant Twist had wound up developing a plot even larger and heftier than Babs and Sugar combined, possessing a pair of gelatinous mounds that jiggled and wobbled with the slightest movements of its similarly embarrassed owner.

It didn't help that Twist's sex drive had started to spike along with your physical attraction towards the formerly innocent filly, as her underage cunt had started to heat up in your presence and the lewd feel of her bloated asscheeks rubbing against her pussy lips had only left her so needy.

It seemed part of her sudden transformation was meant to give little Twist such a titanic set of hefty haunches at that age, and it wasn't long before you two couldn't resist the urge to mate despite the now-former's virgin innocence.

Compared to Babs' beautiful butt, Twist's hefty ass was composed of two enormous globes of thick fat that rippled ceaselessly against your heaving hips. It had taken longer than expected to find the young filly's moist treasure hidden within the twin mounds of heavy buttfat, but as you finally did, the kitchen was quickly filled with the lewd sounds of the young candy maker's massive asscushions constantly absorbing the sharp impacts your sweaty groin gave.

You could feel how much Twist had needed you inside of her with how active her inner muscles were. Despite the relative inexperience she shared with the other young fillies you mated with, Twist's cunt seemed to be actively milking your shaft for the seed brewing in your balls.

You felt it rhythmically squeeze and contract along your entire length, the strong stimulation reminiscent of a suckling maw clamping down tight on your throbbing meat. Combined with her thick rippling white ass, the ginger earth pony felt like the best lay you had ever experienced so far, and your sack was already hugging your groin so early in your illicit lovemaking.

Twist had felt you smush your sweaty hips firmly into the deep crevice of her humongous rear,
and orgasmic bliss had washed over her entire body as soon as she felt a gooey warmth start to flood into her in repeated spurts. What felt like several gallons of semen had released into the filly's jostling belly in countless thick ropes, with barely a drop escaping the flooded orifice when the joint convulsions had soon stopped.

Fat Scootaloo

Twin ponderous mountains of soft sweaty assfat were just shoved in your face by the orange pegasi filly, who had gained such massive girth in her rear after an ice cream eating contest held by her and her two best friends.

Your muzzle dove into the enormous orange globes, with most of your head submerged within their soft mountainous heft before your nose made contact with the filly bits hidden within. A thick strand of pre escaped your engorged member when your tongue briefly lapped at the juices leaking from the small folds, and the bloated cheeks clamped around your head quaked in response to the intimate contact.
01/31/17 04:31PM
EQG teen female students are after your adult sperm.

You are a seemingly average man, who worked as an employee at Canterlot High School.

For some reason, all its female students liked you. A lot.

From the girls just starting their first year of junior high to the ones just about to graduate, not one of them could meet your gaze or even just be within your idle presence without blushing profusely.

Though you weren't aware of it initially, the "crush" that each of them harbored for you wasn't what you would call pure.

Whether they knew it or not, the teenagers and pre-teens of CHS actually lusted after you. They pined after you, fantasized and daydreamed about you, and ended their day masturbating to the thought of being taken by you.
The fact that you were in your mid-twenties, about a decade older than them while their own ages were around 16 years had been something they never seemed to care about, or at least pay attention to at all.

What didn't help you was that you also began harboring these primal sexual urges towards CHS' female students, having started growing those feelings inside of you at the same time you had taken notice of the "affection" they felt towards you.

Your desires aligned with all theirs, and the idea of outright fucking one or more of the obviously underage students when you had the chance had soon grown more and more appealing to you with each passing day.

At this rate, it wouldn't be long before you would take advantage of one of the teenage students, or the other way around, while a good enough portion of your restraint had been eroded away.


You had spotted Sunset Shimmer outside Canterlot High at midnight, loitering in front of the school's statue.

Unlike most of the adult employees at CHS, you knew of Sunset's infamous reputation amongst the students as a manipulative bully.
As such, you immediately knew that her presence here couldn't have been good.

You attempted to interrogate the mischievous teen as to why she was up there at such a late hour, but your eyes found themselves glued to the open gap in her jacket. It's zipper was down enough to see an alluring canyon of cleavage,
and a lack of bra to kept them secured.

When Sunset had noticed the brief distraction, she knew she had all she needed to get herself out of trouble with you and pulled down the already low hanging zipper.
In seconds, her sizable breasts had freed themselves from the black leather and displayed themselves proudly to the adult in front of her.

Sunset had seduced you so easily, and perverted thoughts had wound up running through her head while she began to strip herself down in front of the mesmerized adult.
With her eyes locked onto the large bulge in your sweatpants, she had decided to take advantage of the situation as she turned around and bent over against the statue.

Sunset's exposed breasts were one thing, but the voluptuous teen had offered herself to you then and there for leniency while someone could easily catch you both, and it was just too much.

Your visibly aroused body started moving on its own, and you had failed to notice it until you felt a breeze pass through your bare ankles, having pulled down all your underclothing beforehand.

You had wound up fucking Sunset against the marble statue, with her hands pressed flat into the smooth stone while your own had kept a firm grip on her shapely hips. Contrasting against her normally shifty nature, she squealed cutely as you repeatedly slammed your hips into her bare rear.

You were never a virgin in any sense prior to tonight, but Sunset's was the first teenage pussy you had ever fucked in your adult life. You had quickly grown addicted to the hot wetness constricting tight around every inch of your rigid
man meat, and the circumstances had only enhanced the experience.
For a high schooler, her ass was also thick enough to produce an enticing smack against your hips as it rippled from the constant impact.


When Sunset had soon screamed for you to let it all out inside of her, you had done so without question despite the very possible risk of pregnancy. Your hips mashed into her soft rump one last time, and made a grab for her breasts before the pressure in your loins spilled out all at once.

Your seed fired into the half-naked teen in a prolonged salvo of thick ropes, eliciting quivers of pleasure from both you and your underage partner's sweaty forms. You felt her own sexual fluids gush out of the sopping wet hole you were hilted completely in, soaking your thighs and part of the concrete floor you both were standing on.

When the orgasmic bliss coursing through both your sweat-covered bodies had eventually tapered off, the sound of your heavy breaths was the only thing gracing both your ears as your taxed bodies recovered its stamina.

Eyes closed shut, you felt a leg swipe over your face. You opened your eyes a second later, only to find yourself face to face with the mischievous schoolgirl grinning naughtily at you as she ground her crotch into yours. As she managed to keep you buried to the hilt inside of her, Sunset obviously expected another round before deciding what to do afterwards, which you had quickly obliged.

With her teenage partner having her back pressed firmly into the statue's smooth granite surface, the lewd sounds of smacks and squelches generated by your illicit lovemaking had once again filled the cool night air as you pumped into her standing missionary style, with the both of you shuddering against each other as your mixed fluids had poured out of the tight mating orifice you previously filled onto the dry pavement.

Sunset tilted her head to the sky in ecstasy as another orgasm had coursed throughout your body, firing another rapid barrage of spunk into her sputtering pussy. Hands clinging to your back, she rode out the second flood of hot spunk entering her as well as her own intense climax coursing through her half naked body.
At this point, the downpour of mixed fluids that trailed down both your thighs had started to form a puddle below you.


You reluctantly wound up allowing Sunset Shimmer to stay in your house, where the teen diva wasted no time in making herself at home.

While the malicious schoolgirl had immediately made claim on your entire house, any prior misgivings you had about harboring her in your home had been quelled for the time being when you later caught her lying in your bed completely naked. Since she had been caught nude while you had just walked out of the shower and had briefly forgotten about her presence, she also had a full view of your own bare form as well as the resulting erection protruding from your groin.

You both had wound up sleeping together after one last romp, savoring the feel of Sunset's soft sweaty skin against your own as you pounded into her. Your loins had made more of an audible noise as you fucked in your bedroom, with the wet smacks briefly echoing within the enclosed space.

You and Sunset had wound up sleeping soundly in the bed you had thoroughly sullied, its sheets and mattress being soaked in all manner of your mixed bodily fluids.


Sunset was insistent on sharing a shower when you had woken up, and you just couldn't argue.
Hands roaming her entire body, you helped lather every inch of her soft tan colored flesh as your erection had hovered mere inches from her rear.

Your greedy fingers lingered on Sunset's soft breasts while your cock had slightly wedged itself into the crack of her shapely ass,
and the nude teenager only had to bend over slightly in order to level her pussy with the head of your erect cock.

As the showerhead still ran while you fucked Sunset, the sound of rushing water had slightly muffled her rump colliding with your groin. Like yesterday, your hands found their way onto her wide hips as her shapely ass absorbed every impact your hips gave while she simply tried to remain standing amidst the carnal pleasure.

The running water had done an excellent job of washing away the erotic fluids that were dripping down both your thighs.


You had caught another student trying to sneak into Canterlot High, and this one was wearing a rather revealing latex suit.

Twilight Sparkle was her name,
a girl who had inexplicably started attending without any prior notice or warning. Despite arriving mere days ago, she was already violating two school rules having snuck in after hours and wearing indecent clothing. While the latter seemed insignificant compared to the initial charge, her exposed cleavage and bare stomach was still obvious.

The mysterious teen begged you for leniency when caught, only to stop short with a blush on her face when she saw the bulge in your pants. Your lecture was halted when you noticed where her attention was, and a gloved hand had reached out and grabbed the protruding tent showcasing your arousal from the latex dressed schoolgirl.

No bra and panties, only the latex suit was shielding this teen's voluptuous body from the open air.

You fucked Twilight in the school's library seeing as no one was there at that hour, so the sounds of moaning and wet flesh colliding went unheard.

Like Sunset, Twilight was insistent on bending over before you took her. The portion of her purple ass liberated from the latex suit jiggled against your bare hips, the sizable cheeks rippling beautifully with every eager thrust into her wet cunt. Each dive your cock made into her moist depths caused the velvety flesh inside to coil tight around your length, squirting her pussy juices everywhere in the intimate process.


Soon your thrusts into Twilight's lovely backside grew more hasty and erratic, culminating in a sudden grind into the soft globes before she felt a gooey warmth flood her insides in rapid bursts.


With the aspiring fashionista having an eye for detail that allowed her to easily take notice of things, she was quick to observe your change and take advantage of it.

Donning a thin blue dress shirt,
it had been easy to tell she had forgone wearing a bra when she had made her proposition. While her eyes were focused on the tent growing in your tight sweatpants, your eyes were glued to her erect nipples poking through the thin cotton fabric. Combined with the tantalizing white cleavage she had deliberately showed to you, the almost hypnotic sight made it effortless for the teen fashionista to seduce you in your horny state.

With an upward tug of her shirt, Rarity's sizable breasts came free. Like her smirking lips, her erect nipples were of a slightly grayer shade of white compared to the rest of her alabaster skin.


But first, Rarity wanted a taste of her older partner. She proceeded to remove her shirt outright and fastened her dainty hands around your erection.

You could hear Rarity's breath grow shaky as she held your throbbing man meat in her slim fingers.

Just the feel of Rarity's supple white skin stroking your stiff flesh was enough for the tip to already start leaking its warm sticky fluids,
but then the teen fashionista had proceeded to press her lips against the underside of your oozing head.

After mere moments of heavenly contact with your pulsing length, Rarity's pillowy lips parted open and her mouth had swallowed a good few inches.

You never quite understood how Rarity was able to give you such a masterful blowjob, only being able to immerse yourself in just how effortlessly she was able to swallow most of your cock down her throat. Her hands were planted firmly on your thighs as she had bobbed her head back and forth, her pillowy lips gliding along your shaft without a hint of discomfort.

For several minutes, Rarity suckled upon your stiff protrusion without a care in the world. The rigid flesh constantly throbbed and pulsed in her eager mouth, the intoxicating pleasure surging through its entirety until the carnal sensations soon became too much to contain.

Without hesitating, you exploded plentiful amounts of your adult essence into Rarity's mouth. The young fashionista never stopped suckling on your throbbing shaft as warm spunk spurted down her throat.


Rarity had took her sweet time in guiding you into her naked body, her soft hand stroking your rigid length as she ground the damp tip into her wet cooter. Her eyes never left yours as she teased herself with your dick as if it were a fleshy dildo, and held back a squeal when she felt the cockhead bump against her swollen nub.


Rarity willingly laid pinned under your own heaving body, her own smaller, frailer and daintier form gave a quiver of carnal pleasure with every powerful thrust into her drenched cunt. Like her previously unexplored cavern around your bare cock, her limbs were wrapped tight around you as your hips drove hers into the bed with an audible wet smack, with her tight grip telling you how deep in the throes of pure ecstasy she was in.

Rarity savored every rough pound into her soaked nethers you gave, soon dropping the pretenses of "lovemaking" and very loudly demanding that she be called a filthy street whore and a cock hungry slut in her carnal bliss.
It seemed to turn her on more to make herself feel so depraved in contrast to her normally composed self, to act as though she was the type that constant desperate need of a dick ravaging her needy pussy.

Of course, you'd never see her as that. Even though you knew Rarity was a just a young schoolgirl of 16, she was also the type who tries her utmost best to be as refined and sophisticated as she can every day. But here, eagerly subjecting herself to the primal lust of an adult man, she can't help but let go and allow herself to grow addicted to your pulsing cock.

When it was time for Rarity to feel the warm and intoxicating touch of your seed, the surprisingly firm grip of her soft hands on your back grew tighter as the gooey spunk started to sling into her hot depths in a salvo of thick messy ropes.
Her adorably scrunched face made it appear as though she was trying not to pass out from the intense sensation of hot semen pooling into her warm depths, struggling to weather the torrent of life-giving fluids that was flooding into her love tunnel.


Trixie was what some people would bluntly call an "attention whore", deriving her self-worth through the combined notice of others.

Trixie's sudden "infatuation" with you gave her mindset a change, now making your attention a higher priority than everyone else's.

Had Trixie known garnering your own "attention" was easier than she suspected, she would never have tried something as reckless as she did just to get your notice.

Trixie had quickly gotten a week's detention for her public indecency, and had succeeded in sending her "message" to you. You were unable to get the sight of her bare breasts out of your head, and you had soon managed to drum up a plausible excuse to get her out and into a private area in the school to "talk".

Seeing the golden opportunity you had generously given her, those same light blue breasts that were flashed to you through cold glass were boldly shoved in your face. With only her blue sweater-coat to hide the sizable twin mounds from the world, not only had Trixie only needed to pull down her zipper to expose herself to you, but what was also tenting your sweatpants was merely just a downward tug away from showing itself to her.

Trixie could feel your heartbeat through the stiff meat you wedged snugly in between her soft tit-flesh, savoring every strong throb and pulse her pillowy mounds elicited as they slid up and down your dick. The leaking head had occasionally rubbed itself against Trixie's chin, gradually leaving a thin strand of precum connecting the tip to the underside of her blushing face.


The soft cushy warmth wrapped around your throbbing shaft was eventually too much to withstand, and one last tight squeeze Trixie gave was enough to squeeze your brimming load out of your clenched sack. She never took her lidded eyes off your scrunched face as you released on her, and her light blue chest cushions never stopped stroking your entire length as it repeatedly splashed the underside of her chin with your warm seed.

Trixie positioned herself above you, her arousal dripping down your erection as its oozing head was pressed insistently against her moist pussy lips. Hips swiveling, the tip had nudged the soft mound open until the first centimeter just barely parted her leaking entrance open.

"And now, the Great and Powerful Trixie shall make your magic wand disappear!"

With her hands on your waist, the aspiring magician had began her slow descent onto your rigid cock, inch after inch gradually swallowed in the delightfully hot wetness of her tight cavern.

You could Trixie just barely grunt out the word "Presto" as she had eventually hilted your throbbing shaft, groins making contact as she briefly paused to recover from taking the entirety of your adult length inside her teenage cunt.
The very same breasts that squeezed your first orgasm out of you were squished into your chest as she leaned against you, and you felt her begin to rock her hips when she was ready to fuck properly.

Trixie raised her hips enough to leave just half your cock inside her, and then proceeded to slam back down with a noticeable squelching noise. She had given a few more experimental pumps before settling into a proper rhythm, with each succeeding collision resulting in a more audible wet smack.

Eyes closed, Trixie rode you with a look of pure euphoria on her face. Her magician motif forgotten for the time being, she had completely immersed herself in the adult cock throbbing powerfully inside her wet tunnel.

As expected from another horny teen, her insides had gripped your man meat as tight as ever in its fervent attempts to milk you of your seed. Every inch was clamped down upon as the slick flesh slid up and down its throbbing entirety,
the delicious friction between the sexes made you both lost in a world of pure pleasure.


Your strained grunts enlightened Trixie of your impending orgasm, and her repeated downward smack into your pelvis became more and more forceful until her hastened efforts were rewarded when she felt the first jet of hot semen erupt into her. Her hands laid on your chest as several bursts of hot seed fired into her tummy, musky juices splashing copiously onto your cock as it released so much of its gooey fluids into her receptive snatch.


In her haste to don an appropriate dress for the school dance that her friends convinced her to attend, Rainbow Dash had purchased a dress from a nearby pawn shop beforehand.

In her haste, Rainbow had donned the old snow white apparel and little else.

After Rarity had pointed out (with some slight undertones of envy)
of how much the dress itself was reminiscent of an old movie actor, Rainbow had been dared into standing over one of the school's active grated by Pinkie Pie and Applejack.

Unfortunately, the dress' fragility was quickly revealed after standing over the metal grate, and the white fabric had easily come apart under the exposure to the strong current. To her embarrassment, Rainbow's her lack of bra and undergarments were revealed, leaving her nearly naked body exposed to the open air due to some bits and pieces barely clinging to her slim hips. This prompted the young athlete to try and find a place to hide and change with her friends' help, and later yours when you accidentally stumbled upon them hovering near the girls' showeroom.

You somehow found yourself with Rainbow Dash inside the otherwise vacant showeroom, helping keep the teen athlete company while the others searched the school for spare clothes. Meanwhile, the latter was sitting in a nearby bathroom stall, desperately struggling to put the tattered white dress back together with a sewing kit she had borrowed from Rarity, cursing her luck as her efforts repeatedly proved to be in vain since said dress continued to fall further and further apart due to its deceptively poor composition.

Eventually, Rainbow had given up when what was left of her efforts was left in several unrecognizable pieces in her shaking hands, and she had barged out of the stall with a dejected look on her face. Her violet eyes then locked onto you expectantly, not caring at all that she was completely naked in front of someone but instead in need of some form of comfort after such bad luck befalling her.

With only her high heels adorning her otherwise nude body, the bulge in your sweatpants was all Rainbow needed to know that you found her attractive and promptly restored some of her usual good mood.


You could feel the backs of her high heels digging into your lower back as you fucked her vigorously on a bathroom sink, ignoring the slight discomfort in favor of the heavenly tight grip the muscles of her moist teenage cunt had on your raging stiffness. Every sharp thrust against her loins was accentuated with a loud wet smack, along with the lewd schlicking noises that accompanied her moist teen hole being repeatedly plunged into.


When the pressure in your loins had soon grown to be too much, you hilted yourself completely inside the nude teenage athlete. You held Rainbow's sweaty blue body tight to yours, feeling her pert breasts squish into your chest while her soaked pussy lips mash into the base of your shaft as your ejaculate spurted free from your worked length.

The initial gush of hot semen you let out inside of Rainbow caused her to cling to you tighter, and had made her unconsciously grind her soaking wet crotch onto yours as her belly was filled with your seed.

Slinging your cum into Rainbow's tight and formerly virgin pussy, your collective juices had gradually mixed inside her convulsing tunnel and pooled into the sink that the soon-to-be sports star was resting her sweaty ass on.


"I-Is this your fetish?"

You had just gotten your dick wet with Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy had already offered you sex.

The shy teen had insisted upon her first fucking being the primal way of her animal friends, with her bare yellow ass eagerly presented to you.

Skin smacking into soft and sweaty assflesh, you vigorously pounded into Fluttershy with frantic speed. Her once virgin pussy had clamped itself down tight on your rigid length upon its initial penetration, and had already splashed and soaked your groin with her feminine juices.

Tiny moans and squeaks escaped her mouth as her supple asscheeks were repeatedly spanked by your crotch, the rapid impact giving its soft rippling surface a pinkish tint.


Feeling the first rope of adult seed that slung into her once unsullied hole had prompted Fluttershy to scream, the unexpectedly shrill volume conveying and echoing her spiked emotions throughout the otherwise empty hallway. A low moan had replaced the orgasmic scream as several more jets of adult spunk joined the initial spurt pooling deep inside her belly, with each audible burst coaxing more and more shudders out of the timid teen until her own torrent of feminine juices had soon wound up gushing onto your bare lap.


Whenever the gym coach wasn't looking, Rainbow had flashed you her breasts. The other girls called her reckless for doing so, and yet they inwardly envied her for being able to do something so bold in order to grab your "attention".

You were outside the school with Rainbow Dash, making sure the coast was clear for your "quickie" with CHS' star athlete. She had found an opportunity to do so while the rest of class was doing laps, and insisted on it being done quick.

When it was, you and Rainbow had wasted no time in dropping your underclothing and fucking her against the side of the school.
Her light blue buttocks felt firm and toned against your hips as you had smacked into them, and her inner muscles clenched as tight as ever around your intruding cock. She could already feel your turgid cock leaking its pre into her wet cavern, and bit her lip against the school's brick wall as its gooey warmth had gradually grew inside her belly.


Some minutes into the outdoor sex, Rainbow felt your rigid cock give a twitch and spasm inside her before the sticky heat inside her suddenly expanded all throughout her taut tummy. Your deep grunts filled her ears as each powerful throb and pulse released another explosive spurt of seed that reached further into her hot depths, which spread the satisfying warmth further inside the dripping wet tunnel.

You heard the coach call everyone in just as your orgasm tapered off, and pulled out of Rainbow Dash. You had just enough time to see a thin strand of spent seed connect your spent genitals before you hastily pulled up her underwear and shorts.

You gave Rainbow a quick peck on the cheek and a pat on her toned butt before sending her back off into the field, catching a deep blush on her face before she ran off to join her fellow students. While the other female students had some awareness of what she did with you, the coach thankfully had been none the wiser to your quickie.


For such a timid nature activist, Fluttershy was rather... forward when it came to her own strong "infatuation" with you.

"Spring is in the air!"

With Fluttershy's help, you had managed to sneak into her cabin for the night.


Applejack was playing a very dangerous game, riding horseback completely naked just to seduce the adult man standing out alone in her family barn's green pastures.

You discarded you clothes and placed them inside a bag hanging on the horse's side, then climbed on top with Applejack. You clung to the young teen as she took you somewhere into the orchard of fresh apples, the feel of her supple skin pressed against your own sending a shiver of excitement down your spine.

The sight of the nude teen cowgirl laying seductively in front of you, silently promising an assured time alone with just each other was too much to resist. In what seemed to be a brief moment, your own naked and aroused body was hastily positioned on top of an equally eager Applejack.

Your engorged length was already at work at teasing her moistening cunt, rubbing its rigid underside into its soaked lips before proceeding to slip its way inside its warm welcoming depths. Ironically, you found yourself fucking the teenage cowgirl in a manner similar to her fabulous fashionista friend, with genitals mingling fervently while she was lying on her back.

Your eyes were locked onto Applejack's light green own, her freckled cheeks a red tint as you pumped in and out of her naked form. The teen cowgirl licked her lips in her shared carnal pleasure as your stiff cock dove in and out of her tight wet pussy, its velvety walls clamping down tight with every eager inward thrust.

The eager moans filling the hot summer air were soon replaced by the lewd thwacks emitting from your groins smacking together wetly, with your intermingling sweat soaked flesh ensuring a loud lovemaking session.

Applejack's deceptively powerful legs had held you tight against her when your lust had soon reached its peak, and adult spunk gushed deep into the teen cowgirl.


A field trip to the barn Applejack's family ran had inevitably led to another, almost literal "roll in the hay" with the eager teen cowgirl.

Out if the prying eyes of her family and fellow classmates, Applejack had effortlessly seduced you while wearing a skimpy Daisy Dukes,
and her erect nipples peeking out through top of the bra-less apparel was just the cherry on top.

In your excitement, you practically wound up pouncing on Applejack while she was lying on a cushy bale of hay, and immediately fucked her after unbuckling the blue short shorts down following your own. The smell of the surrounding barn in the once unsullied air had soon been mixed with the genital musk emitting from the entwined bodies of both you and your teen partner.

What would her big brother Big Mac say if she was caught with you, spotting your intimately joined bodies lying on a bale of hay. How would he feel to know his underage sister was eagerly copulating with a man much older than her, and even without any protection no less.


You found yourself handed a VIP invitation by Vinyl Scratch, to a nightclub that casually welcomed minors into its walls. An unusual policy considering what usually happens within the rumbling walls (and sleazy private rooms) of noisy establishments like these, but your perverted mind had focused solely on the idea of privacy with the teenage partygoers.

Vinyl's discarded jacket laid on a nearby chair, with its owner leaning impatiently on the DJ console. With her loose white tank top exposing plentiful amounts of side boob and her unbuckled pants and lacy red thong hanging teasingly below her hips, it was obvious what the teen DJ had expected from you.

Your member was already standing at attention in the short time it took to drop your pants and position your horny self right behind Vinyl, with the equally eager DJ grinding her bare white ass against your length before she let you enter her. Due to the humidity of the large room, Vinyl's naked rear was already covered in a thin sheen of sweat that soaked part of your length in its sticky moisture before her welcoming pussy thoroughly coated it in her musky juices.

You quickly immersed yourself in fucking Vinyl, pounding your hips away at her thick rump while she operated the record turntable she was bent over. Her management of the dubstep music recorded on the table easily overrode the almost rhythmic noise of flesh smacking against damp sweaty flesh.


As if on cue, the bombastic song Vinyl had been playing on the turntable was reaching its climax just as you felt a familiar pressure spread through your sweat soaked groin. An enervating vibration had coursed through you and Vinyl just as you both climaxed, your seed erupting into the DJ's snatch at the same time it gushed its feminine juices and somehow enhancing the intense sensations you both felt then and there.

Vinyl proceeded to escort you to somewhere private after you both recovered, with the teen DJ not even bothering to pick up her dropped pants off the ground.
She had simply discarded them and left them on the ground, leaving her sweaty white ass bare and bottomless. You weren't complaining since the half-naked teenager had given you a good view of her alabaster buttcheeks swaying and jiggling with her deliberately sexy strut.

Soon, it was just you, Vinyl, and several schoolgirls occupying the one of the nightclub's private darkrooms while all your sweaty clothes were piled up on a nearby couch. A few of them you could recognize from CHS, but the rest seemed to be from other schools. The teen DJ had obviously promised them all something (you likely), which had to be why some of them were waiting so eagerly on the blue bed lying in the room's center.

Because someone had taken over for Vinyl beforehand, you all could still feel the vibrations of the music playing outside the private room.


One of the girls (whom you could recognize from Crystal Prep) who donned her own headset like Vinyl, stumbled off the couch and had looked at your nude form with such an eager expression on her face before proceeding to press her own naked body against your own.

She had mashed her breasts against your chest while your erection was sandwiched between your bare stomachs, with your stiff cock twitching and leaking precum in response the intimate contact with her supple pink tummy.

Vinyl and the others watched as you fucked the Crystal Prep girl then and there, hoisting her up off the ground by her thighs and soon began pounding vigorously into her suspended form while she clung to you tight with all four of her limbs.
Her pussy was already leaking its arousal beforehand, and the rough midair plunge caused a downpour of her musky fluids to soak your balls, cascade down your bare thighs and pool onto the floor.

Out of the corner of your eye, you saw the other teens had begun rubbing themselves to the illicit show you both presented to them. Even Vinyl, who you had not only just fucked, but still had droplets of your seed oozing from her recently used snatch.

Hugging her nude form to your own, your crotch smacked into hers with enough force to make your sack jostle into her suspended ass. Holding onto you for dear life was all she could do in response to your merciless pounding, with her grip on your back tightening when the eventual pressure building in your groin had grown too much to contain.

You hilted fully into her just as the pressure was ready to spill out, and the contents brimming in your clenched sack began to erupt into the suspended girl in several thick messy jets. Soon, it was your seed mixed with her own arousal that was cascading down onto the floor when the musky solution had overflowed inside her.


You weren't sure when Vinyl slipped on purple evening gloves and knee-high socks during your "stay" in the private room, but it certainly captured your attention when you were done with the other schoolgirls. Despite the vigorous fucking sessions and the multiple orgasms wrenched out of you and had induced into the teen girls, you were still ready and eager for one last romp while the others lying around you both on the bed were completely spent.

Vinyl was still good and wet when you took her once more, and slight remnants of your seed in her damp snatch left a slight slimy feel on your cock as you fucked her again.
Her moist hole seemed to grip you tighter than before when you were humping doggystyle, with each inward thrust making her squirming body squirt its fluids onto your crotch.

Your bodies hugged each other tight as they collided vigorously with a wet smack, with Vinyl's cunt giving your length a nice squeeze every time you had bottomed out inside her. Like before, vibrations caused by the music outside had traveled up your sweaty bodies and increased the stimulation felt.

The surrounding teen girls, once they recovered enough from their turn with you, watched as you fucked Vinyl into the bed. Their attention was solely on you as your larger frame pinned the teenage DJ into the covers, and ceaselessly hammered your hips into hers.

Bent over the alabaster skinned DJ also gave the girls a good view of your hairy sack swinging to and fro almost pendulously, and its hefty weight often spanking into her ample rump. Soon however, as your orgasm neared, they had seen the wrinkled scrotum contract against your groin, and the jostling orbs hugged the smooth base when its contents were ready to be spilled.

A deep grunt soon escaped you, filling everyone's ears as the last load your balls could muster fired inside Vinyl. Her hands gripped the bedsheets tight as every jet of hot cream spurted into her wet cunt and joined the leftover spunk that remained inside from last time.


Even while fully clothed, you could tell that Pinkie Pie had a certain "thickness" to her teenage figure that made your loins stir. Even with certain parts of her seemingly bound by the vibrant clothing that was covering her voluptuous body, certain parts of the energetic teen party planner still bounced freely.

You didn't know how Pinkie made her clothes hug her body so lewdly, but it always presented such an alluring jiggle along with a lack of a certain undergarment preventing her breasts from wobbling freely.

You could feel the lack of bra under Pinkie's shirt as she hugged you, with the full softness of both her sizable breasts smushing into your arm as she smothered you with sudden affection. She looked at you with such an innocent look despite the carnal urges she was making surge in you, only to give you a naughty smirk when her gaze fell onto your the huge bulge in your sweatpants.

When no one was looking, Pinkie had quickly maneuvered herself to your groin. Leveling her ample chest with your visibly pitched tent, your fabric covered crotch was swallowed by the immense softness of her breasts. The two layers of clothes did nothing to shield your erection from the carnal pleasure given by her large mammaries, and the sudden stimulation reflexively made you thrust your hips forward.


You never expected Pinkie to let you into her house, but her almost nude attire seen immediately after entering her home was much less surprising.

Your hands never let go of her big breasts as you fucked Pinkie Pie, feeling every calorie gained from countless sweets in her plump pink posterior as its sizable cheeks rippled against your hips.


You were a surprisingly welcome presence in the girl's locker room. As long as no other member of the faculty caught you there, you were in no danger of getting in trouble and the girls there would be more than open to fuck then and there.

One such girl, Maud had remained as stoic as ever when she came to you during Gym, with her bluntly propositioning sex with the same flat tone in her voice. Her body on the other hand managed to convey its arousal, showing her erect nipples bulging through her white sweat-soaked gym shirt.

You alternated between teasing and pinching the stiff nubs while Maud's shirt was still clinging to her sweaty grey flesh, and fondling the sizable globes still covered by the white fabric. Even under the stimulation and feeling the tent protruding from the front of your sweatpants poking at her backside, she still retained her blank face.


Your hands reluctantly left the stiff nubs poking through Maud's shirt, only for one hand to grab the rim of your sweatpants and the other to grab her gym shorts. With one swift yank downward, your lower halves were left bottomless and both of your now visible genitals showed your shared eagerness to copulate then and there.

You pulled Maud backwards, taking a seat on the shower bench behind you. Following your lead, Maud had aligned her dripping pussy with your rigid cock pointing upwards, and proceeded to sit down on your lap when she felt your leaking head brush against her nether lips.

Maud's granite colored ass mashed deliciously into your groin when she eventually hilted after a drawn out sit, and her deceptively strong inner muscles had immediately went to work at squeezing your entire length tight. After swiping another quick grope of her right breast under her damp shirt, you grabbed her midsection and maneuvered her up and down. Your teen partner quickly got into the reverse cowgirl, and it wasn't long before she was bouncing her sizable rear on your lap.

The shower room's occupants watched with visible arousal and envy as you and Maud fucked in plain view, with everyone's ears filling with the lewd sounds of wet schlicking and sweaty flesh smacking together repeatedly.


You were invited to the local beach by some of the girls in CHS, their little group headed by Rainbow Dash and the school's soccer team captain Spitfire.

Spitfire saw fit to tease you with her toned yellow rump as she played volleyball with the other teen girls, fixating your attention solely on the supple ass bouncing along with the owner's swift movements. The bottom of her skin tight swimsuit was wedged far enough up her buttcrack to display enough of the sizable cheeks to sway and jiggle unhindered, and she knew you wouldn't take your eyes of her as a result.

With full knowledge of what was to transpire, you left what little you already wore back at the front of the beach along Spitfire. She eyed your visibly protruding erection all the way to a convenient hiding spot behind a rock formation, and you both proceeded to fuck after making sure the coast was clear.

Hands gripping the surface of the large stone, Spitfire's toned ass made the lewdest of noises as your hips clapped against its supple cheeks. Her muscular insides had gripped your length tight, as expected of one of CHS's top athletes.





All the glances tossed at you had enlightened you as to how quickly Gloriosa Daisy became enamored with you, as the blush on her face said it all.

It didn't help that the brief moment Gloriosa was alone with you, she was so enraptured just by looking into your eyes that she couldn't notice the bulge pressing against her covered stomach. She was almost like a lovestruck innocent pressed up so needily against you, that it was easy to forget what she really wanted from you.

Gloriosa quickly snapped out of it and resumed her daily assistance with the student campers, but assured you that it would continue as soon as the opportunity came.

Gloriosa had wasted no time in wrapping her plush lips against half your length, which had not gone down despite your attempts to sate yourself for the time being. Some of the female campers were more than eager to help you with your persistent hard-on, but it seemed that the teen co-owner of the camp would be the one to sate your stubborn need.

Understandable for someone so inexperienced in sex, Gloriosa had some difficulty trying to suck off your entire length in one sitting.
Despite tearing up at her efforts, her persistence had eventually won out and your entire cock had been repeatedly engulfed by her milking mouth, and her reward had soon exploded past her lips and down her throat in eager spurts.

Eventually, one warm and wet orifice was replaced with another as you took soon took Gloriosa atop an outside table. With only you two outside at this late hour, you wasted no time in properly fucking the teenage camp owner. Likewise, she had wrapped her legs possessively around your waist as shortly after your cock made its initial plunge into her, and its grip seemed to tighten as its rigid length pumped in and out of her dripping pussy.

Under the cool and quiet forest air, the sounds of nature around you were drowned out by the constant wet smacking your loins had made slapping into each other. Even the erotic moans and grunts emitted from you both were barely audible, with the occasional squeal from Gloriosa after a particularly hard thrust.


Twilight knew the societal dangers of walking around without her panties, but had hastily shoved them into her bag and walked out of the girls bathroom nonetheless. The blushing bookworm could feel the cool air brush against her purple nethers as she awkwardly strode out into the hallway, taking the utmost care to avoid any form of movement that could expose her utter lack of undergarments.

At least, until she found you that is.

Twilight had convinced you of a certain urgency that had required your utmost assistance, despite the request sounding as though a medical expert would be better suited towards her problem. With a blush on her face, her soft hand gripped yours and she had led you to someplace quiet.

Once hidden within the solitude of a conveniently empty classroom, Twilight had proceeded to lift up her blouse and expose her bare maidenhood to you. Greeting your eyes was a smooth purple pussy that already showed its owner's arousal wafting through the closed room's air, and dripping its virgin nectar down her inner thighs.

Though your own genitals were still covered, the sight and smell of wet teenage cunt being presented to you was enough for your concealed member to quickly stiffen and bulge through your sweatpants. Twilight's already strong blush intensified as her own curious eyes were glued to the visible tent in your pants.

It was simple equivalent exchange in Twilight's mind in that if she showed you hers, you would show her your own.

Twilight's thoughts were confirmed when the object of her lust was not only visibly aroused by her display, but also proceeded to drop his pants down to his ankles.

The naive booksmart's breath shortened as youe rigid manhood exposed itself in the vacant classroom, throbbing in the open air and entering her vision.

The teen genius knew that your turgid man meat was to enter her, being fully aware of the process of sexual reproduction. Despite this thorough knowledge, nothing could prepare the then-virgin Twilight for when she was penetrated for the first time, and experienced what it was like to have a real life penis lodged within her.

With her bare purple ass plopped onto a nearby desk, Twilight bit her lip as she watched you position yourself over her and felt your leaking tip brush against her soaked outer lips. You pushed your way inside her soaking wet cunt, then each successive inch had gradually followed suit and sunk in until her crotch made contact with yours.

The satisfying feeling of being filled for the first time had intermingled with the sharp pain brought on by Twilight's "innocence" being taken by the older man on top of her,
but the latter feeling had soon dulled away and only the raw carnal pleasure was left surging through her as her wet hole was plunged in and out of.

On your end, you were simply glad to have another teenage pussy to ravish and fill, and Twilight's was perfect with the way its velvety flesh had clamped down tight on your plunging length.

Wet smacks and squelches echoed throughout the classroom, a lewd cacophony of noise resulting from your illicit lovemaking to the naive young booksmart under you. Each sharp sound resulting from your groins repeatedly impacting into each other elicited a grunt from you or a cute squeak or squeal from the once innocent teenager under you, adding to the collection of lewd noises emitted.


The pressure in your loins grew too intense for you to contain, and the young genius had been pinned down tight onto the wooden table. After several tense seconds, Twilight had felt a sudden rush of gooey warmth repeatedly spurting into her innermost depths, with its almost overwhelming sensation flooding right down to the very core of her being.

She immediately knew what it was, Twilight's adult partner pumping his semen into her welcoming cunt in an attempt to fertilize her eggs, and impregnate her like the other girls. She knew the chances were very real with both partners having given no prior though to protection,
but had strangely felt nothing but contentment in feeling his seed fill her with such a pleasant heat.


Sunset watched as you fucked Twilight with a perverted smile on her face, watching from her seat on the corner of your bed as her new friend was repeatedly taken in a bent over position on the matress.
Every collision of heaving hips against purple sweat soaked ass had been accentuated with a lewd wet smack and a squelch from your genitals mingling, while your hands were busy roaming her teenage body and fondling her pasty skin.


Twilight held the loose bedsheets in a firm grip, steeling herself as you ground your pelvis into her soft purple rump. A soft moan had permeated the still air as your cock gave several powerful throbs inside her, and then her belly had begun to flood with the same gooey heat that had previously permeated her insides back in CHS. In several bursts, her insides were once again gradually filled to the brim with a satisfying warmth that left her content.


Study date

Her deceptively large breasts wrapped around your shaft with an immeasurable softness that left the inner contour of her cushy bosom already slicked with pre.

Contrasting with the stiff pole being smothered tenderly by the big jostling mounds, the soft flesh slowly glided up and down its rigid length.


You shamed yourself for lusting after some of the younger students at CHS, especially the two younger siblings (and adoptive sibling) of some of the teenage girls you had already fucked. They had to only be twelve or thirteen, and yet your primal lusts compelled you anyway.

But those three had made it so easy when you were alone with them, having stripped to nothing but long lacy socks and high heels in order to get your opinion on how they had looked in them. It didn't take long for the three "crusaders" to spot the huge bulge you sported in your sweatpants, and you had obliged when they requested to see it uncovered.

Their soft hands roamed over your stiff erection, and the six curious hands simultaneously stimulating the rigid flesh was almost enough to make you blow your load then and there. While your eyes were shut tight, you felt someone brush their tongue against the oozing tip and lap away the thick dollop of precum leaking out. You weren't sure who, but couldn't be bothered to care at this point.

A hand grabbed the underside of your balls, and the feel of its tiny fingers kneading the wrinkled musky flesh was enough to make it contract against your groin. Your shaft gave a powerful throb against the multiple hands wrapped around it, and a grunt escaped your mouth as the oozing head shortly shot out a jet of your thick cream into the open air.


Sweetie Belle was first when the inevitable happened, and it was almost unsurprising how she was so tight for a young pre-teen girl.
Her underage cunt had clamped down tight on your intruding penis, already squeezing and milking your length for what its worth as it was hastily plunging in and out of the tight orifice.

Applebloom and Scootaloo were close nearby, watching with a deep blush as you fucked their friend on the nearby table they left their clothes on. Sweetie laid her head on her folded shirt while she was on her back, responding to every vigorous thrust into her with a jolt or jostle through her underage body.


You practically smushed Sweetie Belle into the table, hilting yourself as far as you could go into her. Not that the young pre-teen minded, as she was too absorbed in the carnal pleasure assaulting her underage body to care. Her world went white as she felt the first rope of adult spunk fire into her, and start to coat her insides with gooey warmth.

Every burst of hot seed had felt euphoric slinging into Sweetie's tight virgin cunt, and the warm wetness constricting around your length seemed to draw upon it with a moist suction.


Diamond Tiara
01/31/17 04:31PM
Sirens are after your adult sperm.

The sibling trio known as the "Dazzlings" were rather infamous

No one knew this more than you, the 25 year old dorm manager that looked after the three siblings and the building they stayed in.

You've put up with their daily antics (Sonata's clueless and air-headed personality, Aria's aggressive abrasiveness, and Adagio's constant snark and inappropriate flirting) for a while now, but today was drastically different.

You were never able to figure out what happened.

It was just you and Sonata alone in the otherwise empty living room one weekend night while her two friends were seemingly absent. As you were hoping to probe her for information regarding what she and her sisters were currently doing behind the school faculty's back, but you simply couldn't take your eyes off the large bust showing through the gap in her shirt.

You and some of the more casual and laid-back faculty members hated to admit it, but as frequently troublesome as the "Dazzlings" were, they possessed rather voluptuous bodies for young high school students.

Sonata was definitely no exception, as for a ditzy teenager of just 16 years, she had an unusually large pair of breasts that put most adult women to shame. Like her sisters, she always seemed to constantly have an eyeful of alluring cleavage visible no matter what she was wearing.

You had always maintained an air of straightforward professionalism around the girls, but Sonata had noticed where your eyes were during the conversation, and had only made the arousal in you grow by tugging down the front of her thin purple coat. The sultry action had exposed even more tantalizing boobflesh through the pink tank top.

A mirthful giggle later escaped Sonata's plush lips as she caught a glimpse of the noticeable bulge in your tight grey sweatpants, though you were slow to notice the very stiff protrusion yourself due to her alluring cleavage. She simply took it as a sign to press you further.

That same slender hand that revealed more to your gaze then made its gradual ascent back to the front of Sonata's collar, where the ruby on her exotic necklace she always adorned was hanging just above her alluring cleavage. Two slender fingers made contact with its shimmering surface, and then your entire field of vision was consumed by a bright red glow.

Somehow lost in a deep trance brought on by the blinding light, you were gradually brought back to reality by the sudden sensation of something hot and moist engulfing the tip of your penis. Your vision fully returned when you felt the sensation on the tip of your member escalate into a wet suction, only to be met with the blushing face of the same ditzy teenager you were trying to converse with seemingly moments ago.

Along with feeling the elastic hem of your sweatpants and underwear hanging precariously above your ankles, you realized that Sonata's plush lips were now wrapped firmly around the head of your exposed erection, easily sucking out the dollops of salty pre oozing from the urethra. A quick downward glance showed that her large mammaries were now hanging freely from her chest, evidently having broken free from their tight, yet exposing prison with the way part of her pink tank top had torn.

You wanted to scream out of sheer disbelief at the delayed realization of what Sonata was doing to you, but a distressed groan escaped your open mouth as soon as you found your voice. With next to no control of your body, your attempt to forcefully push her away only resulted in your hands gripping the back of her head.

Apparently interpreting your actions as a sign to keep going, Sonata proceeded to slowly engulf the rest of your erect tool into her mouth despite its length, and managed to swallow and suck upon every throbbing inch without a problem. As unexpected as the masterful fellatio given from the young teen, you could only writhe in place from the guilty pleasure you were experiencing as you quickly neared your breaking point.

The moment you felt Sonata's plush lips make its intimate contact into your groin, you felt your restraint slip away as your hips started to frantically pump back and forth. Each uncontrolled thrust you gave caused the oozing tip of your cock to repeatedly hit the back of her throat, and her cheeks rhythmically hollowed out in trying to give a more thorough effort in sucking off your entire shaft.

A powerful orgasm suddenly assaulted your body the next time your member hilted inside Sonata's mouth completely, and you felt yourself erupt your salty load down her throat. The ditzy teen eagerly swallowed down every rope fired into her mouth, and had done so without any hint of discomfort.

Even when the rapid spurts of jizz started to taper off and the twitching member resting still on her tongue had started to deflate, Sonata had never stopped milking it.

You had simply let go of Sonata's hair when only tiny spurts were coming out, and the ditzy teen had pulled her head back until only the tip had remained captive within her plush lips.

Sonata had looked into your eyes with an almost puppy-dog-like stare, coming of more as lewd than cute considering the still turgid part of you that was still in her mouth. You were about to come to your senses before the blinding red light had come back and obscured your vision.


Your vision was once again consumed by the bright red glow emanating from Sonata's red gem, and despite your impeded sight, you could FEEL something was different as your hips were thrusting once more.

You could tell your erect cock was plunging in and out of an orifice that felt tighter and more snug around its length, and that your groin was now colliding rapidly with something soft and cushy. Though your hands were now gripping smooth yet sweaty skin, it wasn't until your vision returned that you knew, to your dulling horror, what you were thrusting into.

It was a naked Sonata, bent over the living room's wood coffee table. It was the same ditsy 16 year old girl that was letting you fuck her face previously, but now you naked body was vigorously plowing into hers from behind. You were hastily smacking your crotch into her bouncing bountiful ass with reckless impunity, making her moans barely audible due to the lewd sounds of your frenetic lovemaking.

You could already feel yourself about to explode into the teenage pussy gripping your turgid member in a wet vice, knowing it was dangerous since you were fucking her bareback. Before you could even muster the strength to pull out before it was too late, you lifted your head away from Sonata's nude form and found your sight met with two familiar faces.

Leaning on the door that lead outside was Adagio and Aria, both with nothing to adorn their naked bodies aside from their ruby chokers around their necks just like Sonata. The were both looking at you with their arms crossed under their bare breasts, wearing a smug grin on their visibly aroused faces. It was as if they were silently telling you that you belong to them now, and the visible trail of transparent liquid dripping down both of their inner thighs had only sent the message further.

The leaking head of your rigid penis was all that was left inside of Sonata before your body betrayed you and slammed the rest back in, the last rough thrust giving the twin globes an almost frantic wobble. With the ditzy teen's luscious ass smothering your groin in cushy warmth and your member engulfed in carnal pleasure, you could only tilt your head to the ceiling and groan as your climax arrived.

Your body gave off its involuntary shudders as bursts of your messy load erupted into Sonata's sopping wet hole, and painted the fleshy walls wrapped tight around it. Your ditzy partner quivered in place as her cunt was filled to the brim, struggling to maintain her bent over position as orgasmic pleasure coursed through her body.

Adagio and Aria simply watched with mirth as you attempted to impregnate their ditzy sister who, like them, was just a young high schooler that attended the school you worked at. Your seed, the seed of a comparatively older man in his mid-twenties, was flooding into Sonata's deepest passage in repeated bursts.


It was wrong, so very wrong.

You knew this in your mind, but your body acted differently in regards to the "Dazzling" sisters.

They were all half your age and height being young teenagers, yet a powerful lust now consumed you every time you caught even a glimpse of their bare skin. You used to have such masterful self-control regarding situations similar to this, but now you easily broke down and yielded to your own base desires because of them.

Every time, they merely allowed you to vent into their voluptuous bodies whenever the opportunity arose. Every time the sex occurred, it was without any measure of protection as you simply fucked each of them until your lust ultimately spilled over and gushed into them. Even when they were engaged in minor activities such as reading a book, operating their little handheld devices, or just lounging around, they simply removed their pants and undergarments in order to allow their respective holes to be fucked and filled with your load.

With Adagio and Aria, they simply assured you they were "on the pill" so you could fuck them without restraint, but never mentioned the same about Sonata.

Not that the very real chance of pregnancy with the latter stopped you when you had the chance, or Sonata. The taco-loving ditz was always more than willing to either get on her knees, spread her legs, or bend over for you when the opportunity had presented itself.

In fact, what motivated you to fuck Sonata more frequently than her sisters seemed to be the possibility of impregnating her. Something that should've filled you with revulsion instead left an almost animalistic yearning to plant your seed into her underage womb, and see her belly grow round and taut with your offspring. And even then, the mere sight of the pregnant teen carrying your child would leave you wanting more sex.


Sonata was pregnant.
Sonata was carrying your child.

The inevitable, yet still initially shocking fact had unsurprisingly did nothing to quell the powerful lust you felt towards her and her sisters, nor did it put any form of damper on their booming career in music.

Strangely, no one seemed to mind your obvious "attraction" towards the the three sisters despite the glaring age difference (and vice versa). They all simply turned a casual eye towards the openly polyamorous sexual relationship you had with them all, especially towards Sonata despite the visible baby bump she possessed.


Just like when you first mated with Sonata, you both saw fit to fuck in such an animalistic position as soon as you two had the chance. This time though, it was partly due to taking proper care of the very precious cargo she was carrying in her stomach.

Currently, you both still wore your clothes during the illicit act, with only your pants and undergarments pulled down so your genitals to properly interact. Once hilted inside her, you already lost yourself in your lust for Sonata as you saw fit to pound away at her bare blue rear. While her pussy remained as tight as ever as it hugged your member in its snug and wet grip, her already sizable posterior had plumped up nicely during her pregnancy.

You let the back of Sonata's skirt brush against your lower abdominals while your hands were occupied with either fondling and squeezing her swollen breasts through her purple tanktop or groping her bloated belly as it wobbled under her. You could feel her tank top dampen more and more with every firm squeeze you gave her hefty mammaries, feeling their milk seep onto your fingers and drip into the ground.

You simply lost yourself in the constant thrusts in and out of Sonata's tight pussy, loving the enticing jiggle her ass gave against your pelvis while savoring the snug feel of the wet teenage lovehole she had clenched snugly around your rigid member.

You knew full well that this was the same wet cunt that was due to give you your first healthy child soon, and considering Adagio and Aria's stern insistence on fucking them both bareback despite the birth control pills they ingested regularly, you were certain they would expect the same as soon as their ditzy sister had delivered their new niece or nephew.

But for now and right until Sonata had delivered your child, her still deliciously tight and soon-to-be birthing hole would be ravaged by your insatiable pole until you were spent.
01/31/17 04:32PM
Puberty was a funny thing sometimes.

For those going through it, their bodies go through various changes in their gradual transformation into young adults.

While the same can be said for most of the pre-adolescent young students at Canterlot High, some were also going through their own unique changes.

Twist was a grade schooler who had recently undergone an early growth spurt of her own despite her comparatively young age, and it definitely showed. While she still had the face of an naive and innocent ginger girl, her hips, thighs, and primarily her buttocks had greatly expanded to resemble a pornstar in terms of sheer size.

Everyone was baffled as to how an underage girl like Twist had grown such an enormous ass. Such a transformation had also triggered a change in behavior regarding the boys who saw her daily.

Despite obviously being underage, the mere sight of her unusually proportioned body had induced almost overwhelming base urges into countless males, aged from her fellow schoolmates to the school's adult employees.

Even Twist's own doting father was not immune, which had left him with very confused and conflicted feelings regarding the incestuous urges he began to have towards his own daughter.

With her strangely alluring and vaguely pear shaped body inducing a sexual attraction in so many men, it almost seeming as if a fertility goddess had blessed the freckled ginger girl with an overly developed ass and hips for the sole purpose of breeding at such a young age.

Twist remained unaware however, of the raw lust being directed at her and the large child-bearing hips she possessed. The ginger middle schooler remained blissfully ignorant of all the lewd attention she garnered, only taking notice after one single adult chose to act upon his primal urges...

Twist was naked. Her adorably lewd underage body was in full view as well as your own to her.

It was all you could do to keep yourself from forcing yourself onto young Twist then and there. Even then, your stubborn erection also stood in full view of the freckled young ginger girl, demanding her attention.

Curious as could be, you had heeded Twist's request to let her touch your throbbing length. Despite desperately wanting to pound away at her motherly hips until she couldn't walk, her dainty hands exploring every inch of your pulsing pole was a good start. Soft and supple skin brushed against your taut and rigid manmeat and musky scrotum, feeling more like a deliberate massage than the touch of a curious pre-teen.

A sudden testicular grope caused a strand of sticky pre to fly out and land upon Twist's flat chest.


You learned that Twist was a rather sheltered girl, so very naive and already so trusting of you. She enlisted your help in measuring herself while her parents were gone.

Twist seemed a tad upset that her chest remained flat while her ass was as enticingly massive as ever. If only she knew...


The very idea was so depraved, committing statutory rape on a girl still in middle school. Yet in practice it felt so right, simply seeing Twist as a consenting mate who allowed your sexual advances to an openly welcoming degree.

Her once untouched hole was already gushing musky fluids onto your rigid shaft as its warm walls gripped your pistoning length tight.

Despite her comparatively smaller body, Twist's ass remained wider than your hips as its massive buttcheeks smushed and spread across your bare lap. Its immense softness completely engulfing your groin was enough incentive for you to immediately start humping away at her enormous rump, an action that started to fill the surrounding air with the sounds of her large twin cheeks being repeatedly spanked by your thrusting hips.

Bare naked in the otherwise quiet solitude of the grassy wilderness, it felt like you and Twist were like two wild animals mating with each other, and that everything was right with the world. What you were doing, hastily pounding away at the fat ass of a young middle schooler, was simply nature taking its course.

Only from your perspective, it wasn't you and young little Twist. It was what she unintentionally teased and tempted the all the male students and staff with at her school, you included, with the disproportionately huge rear she possessed. With how thick and full each buttcheek was, it seemed as if her enormous rear was what was drooling so much pussy juice onto your throbbing shaft, and not her tight cunt convulsing around your entire member as it insistently plunged in and out of her.

Your body screamed at you to breed it, to properly fill the titanic rump that drove you mad with lust for the underage ginger girl they were attached to.

After what seemed like hours spent engrossed in non-stop posterior pounding, the pressure in your loins had grown too overwhelming to contain. Without even a thought spared to pulling out, you hilted one last time inside Twist and began to spray her insides with countless ribbons of your gooey load. Your pent up lust had rocketed out of your cocktip, repeatedly slinging rope after rope of hot seed into her convulsing hole until it inevitably overflowed out and down her thick thighs.


The illicit affair you had with Twist continued on for months. No hint of protection was ever used as you constantly filled her young body with your liquid lust.

The results of your illicit affair gradually showed however, as Twist's belly gradually swelled with new life. Even fully aware that the underage ginger was pregnant with your child, her massive rear kept compelling you to keep ravaging her soon-to-be birthing hole until it's warm depths was flooded with your seed.

On the plus side, Twist had finally developed breasts due to the necessary milk production.
01/31/17 04:32PM
EQG Milfs/Cougars are after your teenage sperm.

You are a 16 year old student at Canterlot High. You were still a virgin, but not for long.

You were in the gym showers, all by your lonesome due to everyone else leaving for lunch. Despite using the opportunity for some brief alone time, you constantly had the feeling of being watched, but kept writing it off as you being paranoid.

As you bathed your naked self, you found yourself mulling over recent events. Ever since you turned 17, you've been the focus of attention by the adults around your school and neighborhood.

And by adults, you meant the adult women whether they be single, married, and mothers ranging from recent to the more mature. And the mothers of the more well-known students, such as Rarity and Pinkie, were the ones who gave you such attention.

And when they did so, you could always detect a faint blush on their faces as they conversed with you. While you were not averse to such sudden popularity amongst the adult women considering how attractive they all were, you still found it all very strange.

As you finished cleaning yourself, the sound of wet footsteps brought you out of your thoughts, and you immediately turned to the source. Your previous thoughts of being spied on validated, you were greatly surprised to find yourself staring into the blushing face of Principal Celestia, whose naughty expression looked as though she was prepared to indulge herself in a guilty pleasure.

Biting her lip as she sat on a nearby bench, her violet eyes roamed up and down your nude body, which you instinctively tried to cover up.


You were personally tasked with something "important" by Principal Celestia.

Monitored by the Principal and her sister, Vice Principal Luna, you were expected to have sex with Ms Cheerilee as part of an unorthodox Sex Ed demonstration.

With your signature sweatpants and undergarments heaped onto Cheerilee's own on a nearby chair, you couldn't help but feel a bit self conscious with everyone in the room having their eyes glued to your flaccid penis. Though from what you could tell from your view, from the blushing students to the cooing adults, they all seemed to look at Ms Cheerilee with at least some degree of envy.

Though, your member would not remain limp from the arousing sight of Ms Cherilee's equally bare ass, quickly standing proudly in the face of so many female witnesses.


Having chosen to accompany you to the beach as a form of vacation, Mrs Cake donned the tightest fitting swimsuit she could find and departed the bakery with you in tow. The bakery would be covered by her husband, her hyperactive part-time employee, and her five close friends until she got back.

Not long after arriving, Mrs Cake discovered that said beach also had a section where its occupants were allowed to go nude, leaving the mature baker unusually estatic to have the degree of freedom she claimed she hadn't had in years.

Mrs Cake rushed to the nearest public privacy tent to change, taking you with her just in case anything went wrong. After a series of strained grunts escaped the tent, she stuck her head out its open flap and asked you for help.

"Say, could you come in here and help me get this swimsuit off? I don't even know what possessed me to try this on again, I haven't even worn the darn thing in years!"

And so you did, positioning himself right behind Mrs Cake as he took a firm hold of the shoulder flaps and pulled downward. At the same time, the mature baker shifted her body into a bent over position, leaning her head forward and pushing her rear outwards for more traction.

Whether she knew it or not, Mrs Cake was also grinding her enormous backside firmly into your groin as you attempted to remove her tight swimsuit. You could feel the immensely soft contour of each pudgy cheek squish against the tightening fabric of your loose shorts, unconsciously causing him to grind yourself right back and feeling a good portion of your protruding bonertent plunge into the deep crack of her ass.

Before either of the pair could notice, Mrs Cake's swimsuit finally managed to slip off. Barely managing to keep your footing from the sudden give, you felt your face brush against one of the mature baker's large asscheeks before standing back upright. It then hit you that you were alone in a tent with someone's naked wife. Said wife didn't seem to share your immediate concerns, however.

Said naked wife also had no qualms turning around and kneeling in front of you, giving you a good view of her bare breasts as she hooked her thumbs around the waistband of your shorts and underwear. With one pull, your lower half was laid bare before Mrs Cake, and your erection was presented before her blushing face.

Before you could even utter a word of protest, Mrs Cake had quickly wrapped her lips tight around your shaft, and immediately gotten to work sucking off your turgid arousal. With the stimulating wet suction surrounding your entire member, you were immediately quelled into silence.


After the thorough blowjob Mrs Cake had given you had done away with your inhibitions, both you and the mature baker had walked back out onto the beach without a single article of clothing to cover themselves.

With the pair under the protective shade of a beach umbrella and their nude bodies settled on top of a large towel, both were utterly content as they were, being naked as the day they were born. As they were completely open to any further illicit behavior, it wasn't long before they had resumed their adulterous ministrations.

While you were once again worked up after having thoroughly applied sunscreen to Mrs Cake's naked flesh, the pudgy baker once again felt your arousal wedged in between the plump globes of her fat ass as you was coating her back. Little encouragement was needed on her end to goad you into fucking her right then and there, with her enticing display of shaking her fat ass in the air.

It only took a few errant thrusts into her expansive ass, exploring the heavenly squishy contour in between her large bare cheeks before your tip had made contact with something hot and slick. Having no qualms about fucking the married baker bareback, you simply plunged right in and immediately started hammering away at her massive rump.


Cookie Crumbles: "Say Anon, me and the girls were hoping that while our daughters enjoyed the dance, you could escort us to, oh say, a conveniently empty room?"

Cloudy Quartz: "The three of us were really looking forward to having someone like you help us get our "rocks" off before such a long night."

Posies Shy: "And its lucky we were able to fuck… -er, find a nice young man like yourself before the dance really kicked off, too! Should we get going?"



01/16/18 02:40PM
Eris grabbed your wrists with those mismatched claws of hers, holding you in place with unknown strength as she forced you to look into her swirling eyes. Your resistance dropped completely in seconds as you were brainwashed into compliance, and the naughty draconequuis in front of you was suddenly the sexiest thing you've ever seen.

Completely mesmerized, you didn't even bat an eye as Eris snapped her claws, making your clothes vanish without a trace and leaving your throbbing erection standing proudly under her lustful gaze.

No more games, and no more fooling around. Eris wanted one thing out of you, and had simply teleported you both to a secluded location in order for you both to mate without any chance of interruptions.

Eris had lifted her tail, presenting a dripping wet slit that was ready to be plugged up by your cock. Your hands made their way to her scaly tail, fingers wrapping around its base while you aligned your pulsing manmeat with her opening. Once the head made contact with her wet lips, you lost control and hastily slipped the rest inside, only to feel the hot slick flesh inside contract powerfully around every inch in response to such a rushed action.

Otherwise, Eris didn't seem to mind. In fact, you could detect her feminine juices squirting down your leg as a result of your eagerness, along with her admittedly cute moans slipping from her muzzle. You even felt a little bit of your pre escape the tip of your squeezed tight cock, joining the plentiful amounts of musky fluids being produced from inside her breeding hole.

You gave a few experimental thrusts into Eris before you proceeded to properly rut her with a steady rhythm, with the more speed and force you put in each forward movement yielding a more audible smack between your hips.


Your arms were wrapped around Eris' serpentine tail as you fucked her from behind, turgid manhood eagerly plunging in and out of her tight wet cloaca. As borderline omnipotent as she was, the chaotic goddess could only moan and shudder helplessly under the merciless pounding of her human partner as his hips repeatedly slammed into her rear, and felt her overflowing juices start to drench his groin.

Eris had no idea when the seemingly constant pounding was going to stop, but earnestly hoped it never would as her nabbed mate seemed to have so much stamina.


With a shuddering grunt, you let your seed spill inside your chaotic partner. Orgasmic bliss coursed through your body as you fired rope after rope of man spunk into the bent over draconequuis, who could only dig her claws into the ground in trying to withstand the powerful sensations coursing through her.

her once shapeless haunches had bubbled up into a pair of large, jiggling globes that she seemed to put a deliberate sway into.

was as tight as ever, and her big bubble butt rippled against your hips with each collision

Eris had wound up taking a certain characteristic of a human female. Namely, the pair of hefty, milk laden breasts now protruding from her furry chest.

The sound of their plentiful contents sloshing in her jostling breasts was music to your ears, and she knew it. Whether she intended to or not, the mere sound of Eris' bountiful assets jiggling in her bra turned you on, and you just couldn't refrain from keeping your hands off of her.

It wasn't long before Eris was on her back, tongue lolling out of her gaping maw as your cock thrusted eagerly into her foal hole. Her heavily gravid belly bounced along with her hefty mammaries, which would soon jostle loose from the bra containing them and the sight and sound of them jiggling freely would spur you on even more.

Princess Ember

Bessie (Cow)

Diamond Dog

balls deep in canine pussy

creaming inside her canine cunny


You had managed to capture a stray changeling drone as she was snooping around your home.

In desperation to avoid being turned in to the Equestrian government, she had emitted special breeding pheromones from her body in order to try and drain you through your lust and immobilize you from exhaustion in order to escape.

Unfortunately for her, the changeling drone had severely underestimated your stamina.


You could taste the oddly sweet flavor of the potion Zecora downed before she suddenly reared up and locked lips with you, and spread its previously unknown effects across the inside of your mouth with her thick tongue.

It wasn't a few moments after the sudden tongue-kiss ended that your eyes wandered hungrily to Zecora's plump flanks, seeing that her large striped rump were visible from the front of the smirking zebra. Then, while her eyes were fixed on the visible bulge in your shorts, her lovely cheeks wobbled into view as she turned and presented herself.

The same friendly zebra who greeted you with a welcoming, warm, and almost motherly smile on her muzzle as she provided you with hospitality, and you were currently pounding away at her large, supple ass with all the vigor your body could muster.

It was just you two mating fervently outside her hut, with all the privacy you both needed in the middle of the forest. It felt so good, her tight zebra pussy hungrily milking your intruding cock while her huge cushy plot wobbled against your groin from the impact of each eager thrust.

It wasn't long before your seed was spilling freely into Zecora and, because of the effects of the virility potion she had slipped into you through the messy kiss, you saw fit to breed her again.

And again.

And again.

Until the bottom-heavy zebra was

Tempest Shadow

silently bit her lip as she watched you spanking it from beyond your field of vision, feeling a jolt of pleasure surge through her loins as the sound of your seed slinging onto the metal floor of your cage graced her ears

But then, she remembered the hairless, ape-like creature she captured, and how his eyes were glued to her plot.

Tempest's suit was open enough to display her heated, leaking cunny to you, as well as her tight pucker and teats.

sounds of wet smacking resounded across the prison chambers as your hips impacted against your captor's shapely plot,

Tempest allowed her cold facade to melt under your constant thrusting into her hungry marehood, moaning as your dick thoroughly explored her innermost depths

Princess Cadance

thick, jiggly plot

Hippogriff Pirate

You wouldn't believe that Captain Celaeno hid such bountiful assets behind her tightly wound armor.

Cup Cake
03/13/18 02:45PM
Big Mac noticed her siblings were being more affectionate than usual lately. Come to think of it, he also couldn't help but feel a certain feeling in his chest when they drew near, and nuzzled into him. It was as if his body was trying to tell him something about his sisters, that he should capitalize upon their recently touchy-feely behavior as soon as possible.

Though it took him longer than you thought it would, soon Big Mac had recognized this sensation as it grew more intense. The stirring in his nethers became a powerful feeling of arousal towards his little sisters, soon wanting to mount whomever was rubbing their body against his own

Hopefully Granny Smith wouldn't be around in case his urges finally got the best of you.

nut inside Applebloom's filly pussy

So happy...
So happy...
So horny...

Pear Butter hugged her son with such motherly warmth, she didn't seem to notice his throbbing cock meshing into her taut belly, yearning to take his father's place as the Apple family patriarch.

What better way to begin with claiming his father's mare first, and ensuring his own foals grew in her belly.

Too sexually charged to think anymore, Big Mac took one last inhale of Pear Butter's feminine scent and meshed his lips against hers. His powerful forehooves prevented her from backing away from the initial shock as he expressed your incestual feelings for her through his hungry maw, with his flustered siblings watching as their shared mother began to relax into the sudden kiss.


Big Mac's dick was buried inside a warm and moist heaven, plunging in and out of the hole that birthed him and his younger siblings. Its wet walls were clamped down tight around his rigid throbbing meat, inner muscles milking it of his seed. Each thrust was accentuated with a lewd smack into Pear Butter's plush plot, prolonging the sweet erotic moans coming from her open mouth.

With Bright Mac absent, Big Mac was determined to father Pear Butter's next children like the dutiful son you were. After all, the farm could never have enough Apples, and he were simply doing his job as a fertile stud to ensure as many as possible with his own kin.


With a euphoric grunt, Big Mac's sperm flooded copiously into the womb that brought him and his siblings into the world. If only Pear Butter knew her second eldest was already bred by him, and that her youngest was also carrying his offspring as a result of his ravenous lust along with her cousin despite both being underage.

Big Mac's jaw dropped when he saw the revitalized form of Granny Smith, his own Grandmother.

Big Mac was almost overwhelmed by her new youthful appearance, his cock throbbing harder than ever at the sight of the shapely plot she presented to him. Her marehood also looked so tight and inviting, already seeming to glisten in eagerness to try out her newly energized body on the first stud that offered himself.

Fortunately for him, she would do exactly that with his beloved grandson.


The situation was absurd, considering Big Mac was rutting his parent's parent without a care. Vigorously plunging his stallion meat in and out of the breeding hole that birthed his father, he had every intention of putting a foal in his own grandmother and ensuring a child/aunt or uncle is born from the incestuous copulation.

Contrary to the wrinkled, flabby plot that would repulse even the most depraved of perverts, Granny Smith's beautifully plush and taut posterior was certainly a thing to behold having enough fat for the plump cheeks to ripple against the frequent impact of Big Mac's countless thrusts into it.

Practically the entire farm and orchard could hear how fervently Big Mac made love to his sexy looking grandmother, the wet slaps, smacks and squelches filling the air, and the loud moans that would accompany his orgasm soon.

Big Mac gave a heavy snort as he fully hilted inside Granny Smith one last time, hot seed immediately spilling into her womb in several pulses. His hips had practically adhered to hers as his hot gooey spunk sputtered seemingly endlessly into her marehood, easily overflowing out of its willing container and thoroughly splashing both your hindlegs along with her own gushing fluids.

Mating in the tub had produced all sorts of resounding noises.

The bathwater splashing around, the wet smacks produced by Big Mac's hips repeatedly colliding into Aunt Orange's plump posterior, and their shared moans as their

Big Mac hoped that Uncle Orange wouldn't be too annoyed at his wife carrying their nephew's foal.

It felt... odd to rut a mare outside his family, but Coloratura was like a sister to Big Mac and Applejack so he had no qualms escorting her backstage and breeding her in solitude.

Coloratura was practically begging for Big Mac to fuck a foal into her, looking at him with such an eager look while she shook her plot at him. Her pussy, and even her teats were leaking plentifully onto the ground as she waited for her best friend's brother to mount him.
03/13/18 02:47PM
Before the bimbo plague became what it was today, it started out as a disease that merely affected the libido and thought process of its carriers. The now ditzier teenage girls wore skimpier outfits and talked about getting laid more often, and the people around them were more open to the idea of sex.

Especially the adults, who were initially adamant against the idea of sex with the clearly underage bimbos. But the longer the plague lasted, the more receptive their bodies and minds were. It wasn't long before they couldn't be in their presence without illicit thoughts coursing through their heads, with the men sporting erections that threatened to tear out of their pants.

You didn't even need to use your hands to move Pinkie Pie's thin thong out of the way, only a deft maneuvering of your cock to nudge it out of the way in order to expose her nethers. With that and a quick aligning, one quick thrust forward and you were nearly balls deep inside her tight teen pussy, which still made her pasty covered B-cup breasts jostle as she reacted to having several inches of man meat shoved into her.

Your hands were on her slim waist as you started thrusting in and out of Pinkie's wet snatch, choosing to give into the deep seated lust you harbored for the teenage party planner as you voluntarily fucked her bareback. Her pink skirt fluttered with its wearer's movement as she was hammered into.

The increasing force and volume of wet smacks between your colliding groins showed just how much you were intent on filling Pinkie with your thick baby batter, which wasn't long since you could already feel yourself about to explode into her. You obliged her mutual desire to not pull out when she wrapped her legs around your waist, and after the last few forceful thrusts that briefly drowned out her cute moans, you ground into her soaked crotch for a few tense seconds before letting loose the salvo of thick spunk ropes into her tight cooter.

It felt so liberating to let all of your pent up lust spill out into such a tight wet hole, shuddering as every blast of cum fired into Pinkie's taut belly. Her pussy reflexively squeezed your length even tighter every time your seed splattered across her hot inner flesh, coaxing even more out of your tightened sack until your orgasm ended almost a minute later.

You got Pinkie pregnant. She doesn't seem to mind all too much.


You wanted more.

"Ah know ya shouldn't be in here."

Vinyl's supple butt rippled with every hearty collision between its pale cushy cheeks and your crotch. Each wet smack sent an eager twitch through your length as it plunged in and out of her tight cunt, as well as making the teenage DJ quiver under you.

Vinyl was almost overwhelmed from having an adult cock hammer into her so eagerly, her pussy periodically gushing its liquid lust as it steadily milked your heated genitals of your own.


Twilight could still feel the spunk from one of Canterlot High's teachers sloshing inside her as she pulled her panties back up.

Gloriosa Daisy


reasonably sized pair

03/13/18 02:48PM
Uncontrolled possession:

Jumping from body to body, you briefly lived the life of whomever stallion's body you currently inhabited, only to find yourself overtaken with a powerful lust for a certain mare. Their age, relation to the currently possessed stallion,
or their current marital status seems to be a factor.

Nightmare Moon was terrorizing the Guards sent in to try and apprehend her, and you were basically next to charge in.

The only problem holding you back from joining your fellow guards was the raging stiffie pulsing between your shaking hindlegs. The night goddess had you completely enraptured in her sensual beauty, even as the others were either knocked out one by one or in groups. You could only watch her slender, shapely form as it danced beautifully in the pale moonlight, as your own platoon was steadily knocked out until it was only you and her in the area still conscious.

Nightmare's slitted eyes were now upon you, and you couldn't help but shudder as she noticed what no one else did throbbing between your legs, and blushing with a subtle smirk in response. She playfully dared you to charge at her, teasing you with your seeming reluctance to try along with your fallen squadmates to even put a scratch on her despite your lack of even a weapon to defend yourself.

With no other options, you decided to gather your courage and leaped at her, at least knowing that your defeat came from a noble cause.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) for you, Nightmare's next action was completely unexpected. Mid-jump, the night goddess had spun around at blinding speed and stuck out her large rump, the moon emblazoned cheeks quaking like gelatin from the sudden turn and stop. She had aligned her rear just right so that your exposed stallionhood would slip right inside her marehood, inadvertently plunging its way into divine alicorn pussy with a wet squelch and lewd smack.

It wasn't until you gathered your bearings that you realized where you were, and where your cock was inside of. Mounted on top of a surprisingly frisky Nightmare Moon and your stiff pecker nestled inside of her already moist cunt, which gave it several teasing squeezes.

Despite her larger size preventing your hindlegs from even touching the ground, you had no problem pumping in and out of Nightmare where you were without even questioning the very unlikelihood of the situation. Soon the field laden with unconscious soldiers was also filled with the moans and wet smacks of the mare and stallion breeding at its unsullied center. Who were once opposing forces were now making sweet love without a care in the world, a goddess and mortal mating freely in an otherwise discouraging looking setting.

Soon, a deep howl was made to the moon as your orgasm gushed into Nightmare Moon, the immortal night goddess moaning as she savored the hot essence being milked from her horny mortal stud. Over and over, your seed slung deep into her royal snatch as its inner muscles squeezed and milked the pulsing shaft lodged deep within, thoroughly permeating her insides with its gooey warmth until it began spilling out along with her own heavenly juices.


"Sweet Faust, I needed that..."

You were just a foot soldier in Celestia's Day Guard, and the newly reinstated Princess Luna was the target of your intense lust.

Your cock was smitten the moment you had seen the outwardly nervous looking princess


impregnating his underage cousin

nut into underage filly pussy

You were Night Light, husband and father of two national heroes, and the target of your unrestrained lust was Princess Cadance.

The memories of your middle-aged unicorn host had told you that the beautiful pink alicorn that was once the teenage foal-sitter of your young daughter had been with your son since high school, and were now happily married. And yet, that didn't stop you from wanting to drop everything and just mount her, with your stubborn erection wanting you to do so even in public.

You are King Sombra, cruel tyrant of the once warm and welcoming Crystal Empire. In the midst of reclaiming your throne, you took notice of a tired looking pink alicorn that was helping the others fend you off. Despite her uncanny resemblance to the previous princess, the sight of her had caused a powerful stirring in your loins.

You knew you had to have her, and you had used your magic to feign retreat.

You stalked the alicorn throughout the castle, slitted eyes glued solely to the hefty pink haunches she was swaying with each strut she made. Even in your shadow-like mist form, you could feel your stiff cock twinge in anticipation. All alone, with not even her husband to keep her company in wandering the empty halls, the tired princess had suddenly given a stretch and yawn that gave you an opportunity to pounce while her guard was down.

You sprang out, rigid horsemeat at the ready as her crystal heart emblazoned bubble butt was stuck up high in the air. Cadance yipped at the sudden weight on her back, but by then it was too late.

A powerful set of forelegs gripped Cadance by her slim midsection, holding her in place while your throbbing cock had wedged itself firmly in between the soft crevice of her plush pink buttcheeks. A sudden spurt of pre splattered onto her back, and you felt her quiver from the gooey wet sensation.

While the sudden placement was unintended, the feel of the soft furry globes engulfing your shaft had excited you further, contrary to your married captive desperately squirming to get free under you. You slowly slipped yourself out of the pink furry cheeks, and a quick repositioning was enough to press the leaking tip of your excited member against somewhere wet and tight, and a strong push had engulfed the rest in hot moist bliss.


Cadance's desperate pleas had devolved into moans as you kept pounding into her rear, feeling its plump globes ripple and quake against your groin while her insides betrayed her in milking your cock. The crystalline surroundings were filled with the sounds of your mating bodies colliding repeatedly, hips smacking and genitals mingling in a sharp and wet cacophony that left the floor below you soaked in sweat and feminine juices.

The load brimming in your sack since you first laid eyes on the married Love Goddess had soon burst free into her warm depths, pelting her womb in rapid spurts until it spilled out and added to the puddly of musky liquid below you. You ground your loins into those supple pink cheeks, groaning as every last drop of pent up seed gushed into her belly.

You were a personal guard to the Crystal Empire's current ruler, King Sombra, tasked constantly with guarding against any and all assassination attempts and coups.

For a few days, all seemed uneventful as most everyone had been either terrified or threatened into submission by the tyrannical king, and as such he had sought to occupy the time that wasn't spent terrorizing his slaves with his experiments.

Coincidentally, you happened to be the only one in the room at the time, witnessing an one of his latest experiments go horribly wrong as he attempted to concoct a potion using the poison joke plant. A slip of the hoof was enough to bathe himself in its powdered state, and in a flash, King Sombra had become a mare.

And that was when your urges had kicked in, your stallionhood erecting itself in seconds at the sight of the transformed king-turned-queen. Having borne witness to several of the former stallion's acts of (thankfully non-lethal) cruelty, you exerted what little self-restraint you had in resisting trying to mount Sombra.

At least you tried, until a familiar musk hit your nostrils, and then your need to mate and breed had overridden your once stubborn sense of self-preservation.

Somehow Sombra was already in heat, and while she was still dazed from the sudden transformation, her thick shapely rear was pointed right at you with her tail raised. It didn't help that she was backing up towards you in a daze while her new pussy was wafting its musk at you, or that her unconscious swaying of her globular grey posterior had given the swaying cheeks more alluring.

Sombra's body was crying out for a stallion to fuck a foal into it, and your member was leaking its sticky fluids onto the floor in its desire to reciprocate so you decided to throw caution to the wind and sate your lust.

The mare was still trying to collect her thoughts when her grey rump had shortly bumped into your broad chest, feeling her asscheeks briefly squish into the stern wall of muscle before she quickly felt a weight press down on her back. She had only realized what was going on when she felt something blunt and sticky jab into her loins, and had felt it completely plug up her own leaking genitalia before she could utter a word of protest.

Each repeated plunge into Sombra's tight breeding hole quashed any kind of resistance she would have put up if she could focus on anything but the stallion ravishing her estrus-afflicted body, and any and all threats of punishment and torture instead came out as moans of sheepish approval.

Your hips smashed repeatedly into the evil king-turned-queen's bountiful plot, feeling Sombra's large cheeks ripple against your groin and being spurred on further. All that mattered to you now was the tight wetness milking your entire shaft and the thick shapely ass you were fervently spanking your hips into, nothing else seemed to matter.

Speaking of came, all it took was a few more eager thrusts that left Sombra panting against the floor, and your seed had soon spurted several gouts of hot cream into her wet snatch. Her sweet moans echoed throughout the area as your hot stallion spunk repeatedly gushed into her womb, grinding her soft plot into your groin while quelling what lingering thoughts she had about resisting you.


All the stored love had to be stored somewhere on her person, and her already sizable buttocks seemed to be the best place to contain it all.

You were a male changeling drone, borne only to serve your queen. While thoughts of the hive and its well-being were normally what you concerned yourself with, you found yourself enraptured by your queen's greatly enlarged derriere.

The queen herself had always stirred up sexual feelings within your carapace, but her enormous plot had left you with a perpetual hard-on and being one of the male harvesters meant that uncontrolled sexual arousal ran the risk of all the acquired love being expelled in one intense discharge. Your hefty sack was swollen heavy with your accumulated share of love, and the mere thought of your Queen would ironically leave you at risk of losing it all.

Which was something Chrysalis couldn't help but notice of you, being perceptive of the mental state of those linked within the hive mind. In your head, she saw her own heavily engorged flanks

You're Caramel, and the target of your powerful lust is Cup Cake, the married baker and co-owner of Sugarcube Corner.

Her enormous jiggling plot and large teats was a sight that left you helpless to your own base desire to mate

Her massive, doughy blue ass rippled beautiful with each and every resounding thrust, her large jiggling globes producing such loud smacks from each collision. Her plump milf pussy, initially loose but still wet and hot, was now gripping your length tight in its owner's primal desire to milk your sack of its brewing seed.

Her teats, engorged and full of warm milk for her twin foals, jostled from each thrust into her massive backside. Their heft occasionally smacked into your balls, and squirted its pearly white contents all over the floor.

Hips grinding firmly into her titanic blue ass, your fully hilted cock throbbed powerfully as it let loose the salvo of hot seed into Mrs Cake that was once sloshing inside your hefty sack. Your pelvis had ground firmly into those mountainous asscheeks as countless ropes fired into her, intent on leaving her with a third foal growing in her belly.


You were Soarin, a member of the prestigious Wonderbolts.

While Rainbow Dash was certainly attractive in her own tomboyish way, her mother Windy Whistles was who had really caught your attention. Ironically enough, her behavior around you and your teammates was of an energetic fangirl that was not unlike the young orange pegasi filly that had accompanied her and her equally ecstatic husband.

Mrs Whistles was eager, so eager to be in your very presence that your way of asking for a "private discussion" seemingly flew over her head in excitement.

Already fully aroused beforehand, your arousal had nearly splattered the floor in pearly white at the sight of Lady Tirek's "rampage".

Levitating around her were helpless stallions of all the pony races, not only being robbed of their magic, but were also being milked of their life-giving fluids by the hungry centaur. Her lips were wrapped around one cock while her big breasts were smothering two in pillowy softness, and two more were being stroked mercilessly by her dainty red hands. Their worked up seed soon spilled onto and into her aroused body, gushing down her ravenous maw or splattering onto the large twin mounds of sensitive tender flesh jostling from the stimulating contact.

03/13/18 02:49PM

The fillies of Ponyville had stuffed themselves silly of Pinkie Pie's plentiful pastries, and were fatter than ever seen as a result.

Their previously pint-sized plots plumped out as a result, bloating to obscene sized from the incredible amounts of calories in the sweets they ate. The enormous rears were now wider than the rest of their bodies, and jiggled and quaked with the slightest movement they made.

And you couldn't get them out of your head. It felt so wrong to be aroused by so many underaged fillies, but their mountainous rumps were so irresistibly tempting to you, wanting so badly to spank them, bury your face in them, and pound them silly.

You couldn't hold back anymore, as this fat spoiled filly made it impossible to do so anymore.

enormous pink cheeks jiggling in tune with your eager thrusts

dopey smile on your face as you squirted your thick load into the deliciously fat filly

The moment Scootaloo presented herself to you, showing the full bevy of those mountainous globes of wobbling assflesh that you lost yourself to your lust. The young pegasi gave a timid squeak as she felt the adult stallion mount her, feeling his hooves sink into her back flab as his throbbing stallion meat plunged its way in between her sweaty ass crevice.

It took some effort to push your hips hard enough to part those massive orange cheeks, but once you did, you proceeded to rut Scootaloo as her fat cunt was ravaged by your hungry cock.

03/13/18 02:51PM
It was as if Equestria itself was daring you to give in to your lust

Everywhere around you were pastel-colored equine females that possessed the biggest, fattest asses you've ever seen in your life. From the youngest fillies to the eldest mares, you couldn't avert your eyes without settling on another set of wobbling haunches.

Every action they took sent a enticing shake through the gelatinous mounds, unknowingly tempting you as they passed you by and went about their day. The slightest movements caused their enormous posteriors to quake like gelatin while the more strenuous acts such as running caused their pillowy asscheeks to clap noisily into each other.

Unsurprisingly, the three ruling princesses possessed the largest of them, and they all seemed oblivious to it like their subjects. Celestia, Luna, and Cadance all had the most enticingly massive asses out of anybody, and that was really saying something. Wider than their whole bodies and even easily visible from their fronts, their truly titanic rumps wobbled with very little provocation while their respective cutie marks were easy to see on the side of each massive asscheek.

Masturbation would never provide you a lasting relief, and you had to constantly wear baggy pants to hide your constant erection from the mostly female public.


The abundance of errant emotions you gave off eventually attracted the attention of the changelings, kidnapping you by luring you below Canterlot Castle using the guise of a female guardspony. Of course, you're eyes were on her jiggling plot the whole time, watching her sway her plump white cheeks hypnotically until your capture. Interestingly, even the all-female changelings had sizable asses of their own that had varying degrees of jiggle to them in contrast to the otherwise hard carapace covering their bodies. You had a good view of them all as they stripped you of your clothing, leaving you in your tented underwear to be presented before their Queen.

And of course, Queen Chrysalis had an amazingly ample ass that dwarfed her drones when it came to its sheer size. Revealing her knowledge of your pent-up lust while you were restrained, she made sure to keep your eyes on her by tempting and teasing you with her own large plot as she was monologuing about her current plans.

As she spoke of your currently unwilling role in her plans, Chrysalis paced in front of you while she accentuated every listed target involved in her plan with a strong shake of the huge haunches. Never fully turning herself around as she trotted in place, she made you watch as jiggle after jiggle was sent through the pliable flesh of her bouncing black buns and savored your frustrated reaction when a particularly strong shake made the thick globes clap together. Like a pendulum, the seductive sway had caused one large globe to smack into the other from the momentum and caused the bountiful flesh to ripple under the repeated motions.

Her lewd show culminated in the enormous ass suddenly being thrown in your face, the full orbs easily obscuring any sign of her own heated genitalia. Chrysalis looked at you with the most lewd smirk on her muzzle before hastily twerking the massive rear before your very eyes, filling your ears with the lewd noise of her thick bootycheeks constantly clapping into each other. Now both of the large ebony orbs were rippling against one other from the constant collision, and the close proximity made it impossible to hear anything but the lewd pop each fat cheek produced.

Eyeing your drooling face with a satisfied smirk, Chrysalis laughed at your frantic attempts to feel her enticingly bouncy rear squished onto your face as she restrained you to the ground using the slime she conjured using her sickly green magic. Regardless, you continued your desperate yet initially fruitless effort to try and experience the feel of the quaking black cheeks, not knowing that Chrysalis was also using her magic to free your rigid member from its achingly tight confines while you were distracted.

When the bouncing cheeks had abruptly stopped, that was when you managed to notice your dick squirming around aimlessly in your underwear. Feeling almost as if someone was struggling to fish it out through the opening in the front, it was only moments before the sole undergarments you wore had suddenly been completely enveloped by the same ethereal force partially holding you down, only for it to become shredded into so many countless pieces in a fit of frustration and leave you naked.

With your erect member suddenly freed from its tight cotton prison, its leaking tip had pointed directly at the underside of the Queen's glorious rear. You were able to spot a translucent wetness trickling down her haunches before she pushed you back and abruptly slammed them down on your lap, engulfing most of your pulsing shaft in between the plush, pillowy twin mounds.

Chrysalis' large asscheeks felt so soft and all encompassing not only clamped around your entire length, but you could also feel its pliable flesh-like chitin spilling all over your lap. It felt like most of your lower half was being engulfed by jiggling assflesh, and you could only writhe in the intense pleasure she was gleefully giving you.

Without even letting it touch your stomach, Chrysalis maneuvered her cushiony ass up and down your twitching length, smothering every inch in sweet frictionless pleasure. The stimulation was enough for you to start coating part of its soft inner contour in copious spurts of slick precum, feeling like you were already inside her when it started coating your cock.

Soon, Chrysalis lifted the plump haunches in a way that left the leaking tip still submerged in pillowy assflesh. Briefly using her magic, she realigned your twitching pole to somewhere closer to her crotch, giving your shaft a nice squeeze before proceeding to slam her hips back down on you. You had felt the enormous globes part slightly in order to make room for the leaking tip to make contact with what felt like moist slick flesh hidden within the soft pliable crevice of her hefty ass, right before the rest of your needy member was quickly swallowed by a delightfully constricting wetness.

Your hips unconsciously bucked from the sudden, yet needed stimulation that caused her deceptively soft cheeks to squish further into your pelvis. Chrysalis proceeded to piston her hips up and down, causing the moistening pussy wrapped tight around your manhood to glide up and down it, and you could hear her mumbling to herself with a blush on her face.

"Dirty ape... filthy beast..."

The mumbling was soon muted out by the sound of her own luscious black backside as she smacked her immense plot down into your groin over and over. Her asscheeks were so large and full, you could only see brief glimpses of your member as it was rapidly being engulfed by her drooling cunt, almost seeming like it was only her thick jiggling rear that was thoroughly milking you.

Closing your eyes, you allowed yourself be engulfed by the sea of pleasure Chrysalis was giving you. Precum was now leaking freely from your worked cock due to the intense stimulation it was being put through, which you could feel spill out of her snatch along with the Queen's feminine juices and onto your bare lap.

With the heavenly stimulation constantly assaulting your body, even you were surprised by how your otherwise inevitable orgasm had arrived so suddenly. Feeling the pressure in your loins start to build into your shaft, Chrysalis had thoroughly smushed her cushy rump into your lap in order to hasten your inevitable release into the wet breeding hole she held your rigid member captive within.

Eyes still closed tight, you thrusted your hips skyward as the first rope of cum fired into Chrysalis' insides, which caused her velvety depths to coil tighter around your spurting pole. You could feel her fat cheeks quaking into your groin with every successive jet of thick cream that pelted her walls, with her quivering form trying to encourage you to release as much as you could into her wet tunnel.


Chrysalis wasn't done with you yet.

After making sure your member remained stiff and turgid inside of her, the Changeling Queen used her magic to make sure you were still hilted within her. Your groin was briefly adhered to her royal rear when she stood her hindlegs up and pulled you with her.

Turning her head at you, Chrysalis gave you the most perverted smile while she had ground her plump ass into your crotch, which you had shortly responded to by pumping your hips into hers. Your thrusts immediately became sharp and hasty as you began smacking your hips into the Queen's lovely rump, and you once again lost yourself in the carnal pleasure surging through your loins. Now the mountainous buttcheeks were rippling under the repeated collisions from your own thrusting hips, the repeated impact causing the gelatinous ebony flesh to start blushing a light green.

While you couldn't be bothered to take notice your surroundings at the moment, Chrysalis was giving you a toothy smirk knowing how she had succeeded in corrupting you. Said smug smirk she had on her fanged muzzle soon morphed into a look of carnal enjoyment as she too savored the pleasure you sent coursing through her loins.

The mating continued for quite some time, having quickly lost count of how many loads you pumped into Chrysalis. Even during the multiple times you had peaked inside the lewd Queen, you still kept smashing your hips into her thick rippling ass as you spurted helping after helping of hot seed into her welcoming breeding hole.

Just as she planned, Chrysalis had completely taken away any and all restraint you previously had and left you with nothing but breeding on your mind. When it was soon over and the Queen was "gracious" enough to let you leave, with the only thing on your mind was which mare would be next for you to fuck...


Princess Cadance's heart may have belonged to Shining Armor, but her heavily endowed equine body, her massive pink posterior specifically, would soon belong to you.

You were all alone with her when you claimed the married Love Goddess' lovely flanks for yourself. Even from a distance, one was able to see that her furry teats were still heavily engorged and dangling visibly from her crotch from her recent pregnancy with Flurry Heart.

Cadance quickly greeted your vision as soon as you entered her study, or rather her humongous crystal heart emblazoned rump since their sheer size practically obscured their owner from view. While she didn't expect a surprise visit from you, that didn't stop her from greeting you in her usual cheerful manner.

You simply walked up to Cadance from behind and grabbed a handful of soft assflesh when she wasn't looking, which caused the other large asscheek to wobble with its owner's surprise.

Cadance had looked back at you with an exasperated expression, and then at your exposed hard-on with a blush on her scrunched face when she realized your intentions. The happily married princess was about to hastily shut down your lewd advances while you had interpreted her flustered reaction as her invitation to mate, so you proceeded to take her then and there.

Before she could even protest, you positioned yourself right behind Princess Cadance and her fat rear. One powerful thrust was enough for your stubborn erection to dive in between her immense asscheeks and reach her marehood, with the next successive push flattening the massive pink rump against your crotch while a good portion of your rigid length had simultaneously sunk deep into her moist depths.

The married Love Goddess couldn't help but squeal out in surprise when she was had been so hastily penetrated by your intruding cock, and yet her inner muscles were already at work in squeezing your intruding cock. Despite this, she also had some fight in her in briefly trying to shake you off of her,
but only succeeded in grinding her enormous cheeks into your groin. Your arms stubbornly remained wrapped around her back until she had soon settled down and quietly accepted what was happening, at which the amount of juices drooling onto your intruding cock had slowly increased in volume.

With your hands planting firmly onto Cadance's furry back, you then focused solely on clapping your bare hips into her pink pillowy posterior, and loving the feel of her moist lovehole around your entire length as it tried to milk your member for its seed. With the repeated collisions your crotch made into her hefty rear, you felt every impact your groin made into her quivering body cause her massive cushion-like ass to ripple. Her hefty udders had also jostled constantly from the repetitious movement, periodically bumping against your thighs and causing its warm milk to escape and splash onto your bare feet.

Under the sharp noises her large rear produced in response to your crotch constantly impacting against it, you could barely hear Cadance mumbling to herself as her gushing lovehole was ravished. She admitted to falling in love with your cock so quickly, and her pleas for her husband's forgiveness for growing addicted to it so easily were mixed in with her desire for you to rut her harder and harder.

Before you had proceeded to fire your load into Cadance, your hands had found their way onto her once distended stomach. You leaned against her lower back as the fingers brushed her now smooth belly, briefly imagining it swelling outwards with your own offspring as your orgasm had arrived shortly after.

Giving one last thrust that had narrowed your stance behind her, you allowed Cadance's humongous backside to contour and swallow your crotch in its immensely soft assflesh before you begun erupting your seed into her marehood.
Cadance felt every rope of your hot essence fire into her uterus in an eager attempt to fill and breed the married Love Goddess, fully aware that the same wet hole that once belonged to her loving husband and even delivered their beautiful alicorn daughter was now willingly receiving the potent sperm of another male that was driven solely by a fit of once-suppressed lust.

But you didn't stop there, as the thrill of fucking someone's milf wife was too much to resist.


You could hear a faint pat-pat of a liquid dripping onto the ground, sounding as if it came from behind Luna. Despite the initial shock of your very forward actions towards her, the flustered Moon Goddess had quickly composed herself.

"Do you honestly expect me to lower myself to such a debase act within my own throne room!"

Having been seemingly repulsed by your forward behavior, the blushing Lunar Goddess had turned her back to you. Luna's sharp turn had unintentionally caused her thick jiggling buttocks to enter your sight with a lewd clap, with each large cheek emblazoned with a crescent moon.

"Put that away at once or be punished for such lewd behavior!"

While the Lunar Goddess had stuck her nose in the air in apparent rejection, her loins exposed her true reaction to the glance at your turgid genitals. While her cunt was hidden from view by her massive moons, you could see a noticeable stream of translucent liquids was trickling down her inner thighs, which revealed a heavy arousal that she attempted to conceal from you.

You took this as an invitation to fuck despite Luna's claims, or the number of witnesses in the room.


Your member was provided an easy entrance due to the natural juices already flowing from Luna's cunt.

Luna struggled to escape your lustful hold on her torso, but her desperate efforts and loud protest steadily waned with every insistent smack into her massive rear. Soon, the raw pleasure had emptied her head of any thoughts of fleeing, and could only focus on your cock as she had unconsciously stuck out her enormous ass for you.

You took your sweet time in mating with Princess Luna near her throne, ignoring the blushing stares of the other female occupants that had remained in the royal throne room.
Heaving hips hammering hastily into immense ample alicorn ass, your surroundings were filled with the lewd sounds of sweaty flesh smacking together.

Your frantic thrusts into Luna's massive moon mounds would not cease until your eventual orgasm had overwhelmed your body, causing your liquid lust to spill over and flood into the Lunar Goddess' breeding hole in repeated spurts. The surrounding mares, both lowly maids and wealthy nobles, watched the perverted display with visible envy as their Night Princess was filled with your seed. Their own shared arousal at the sight either spilling or squirting onto the once pristine floor below, which your nose was somehow able to pick up despite the intoxicating smell of sex already permeating the entire throne room.


When your senses came back,
you had looked around and saw the room's other occupants steadily inching backwards towards you, hefty rumps first. Despite just finishing with Luna, your cock was still hungry for more equine ass with the way it eagerly pointed towards the jiggling rear of an eager random noblemare.

Your lust getting the better of you once more, you grabbed her by the waist and plunged your length in between the soft enormous globes blocking your view of her wet cunt. Your aim had been quick and true, with your hips once again spanking away at a mare's thick plot while the mare herself quivered in place from the thick man meat plunging in and out of her dripping snatch.

Exhausted, completely spent and lying on her spot on the shiny floor, Princess Luna could only watch with mixed emotions as her once humble night court was turned into something downright depraved and perverted by its human visitor.
One by one, the throne room's other occupants were turned out after several minutes of ponderous posterior pounding until they were all in the same tired state as their beloved Night Goddess.

The midnight staff would later have a mess of musky smelling puddles to clean up.


"Okay, just for you."

Celestia gazed deeply into your eyes, looking at you with a warm motherly smile before her head started to descend. She never broke eye contact with you as her muzzle engulfed your entire cock, her plush lips settling on your groin before proceeding to bob her head.

Princess Celestia, Goddess of the Sun, Solar Diarch and beloved deity was vigorously sucking you off. You could feel her thick tongue inside her mouth eagerly lap up the head of your cock as it leaked dollops of precum, briefly filling her senses with a musky saltiness every time it had oozed out more.

Celestia's moans of enjoyment were accompanied by uncontrolled quivers of pleasure throughout her body, as well as a barely audible "pitter-patter" of liquid dripping onto the otherwise pristine floor. She obviously loved subjecting your rigid cock to the intense wet suction her mouth was giving it, and eagerly gave more frantic pumps up and down its entire length when she felt your balls contract against her chin until it became to much for you.

The moment the first rope of seed had released into Celestia's mouth, you could hear a loud wet splat originate from behind her followed by a long drawn out pouring noise. The Sun Goddess couldn't help but blush at your shuddering form sheepishly while her plump lips were still wrapped around your entire length, wet muzzle suckling as much as she could out from your spasming cock.

Because Celestia possessed a plush posterior that was larger and thicker than any other, the musky waterfall of hot juices that was released from her lewdly obscured marehood could not properly squirt through the plump asscheeks and simply pooled right under her.


Your lovemaking with Celestia had generated so much erotic noises within her bedroom, you could've sworn everyone in the castle could hear you mating fervently with the alabaster alicorn despite the set up soundproofing spells beforehand. Her heavenly moans only added to the loud cacophony filling up the musky surrounding air, from the wet schlicking of her hot dripping marehood to her very humongous sun-emblazoned ass taking every impact against your hips gave it. Each immense white buttcheek was like fine gelatin in how it jiggled with its owner's movements,
and its soft ponderous assflesh had rippled ceaselessly against your crotch as you had pounded into it repeatedly.

Your latest thrust had caused your hips to be partially submerged between the immense crack of Celestia's fat ass, burying your waist in its immense warmth and prompting your sack to begin spurting its gooey contents into her scorching hot tunnel. Feeling your hot essence splattering into her in countless messy ropes, the horny equine Sun Goddess had followed suit and begun releasing her own musky mare fluids onto the floor.

Tears of pure ecstasy had flown down Celestia's blushing cheeks, savoring the feel of your rigid cock flooding her deepest passage with bursts of gooey warmth. Her moist tunnel had detected every strong throb and twitch its turgid intruder gave every time it fired another sticky rope of semen into her, which had only added to the intense sensations coursing through her quaking form.


Next are the Elements of Harmony.


bottom heavy princess of magic and friendship

unloaded inside the Princess of Friendship, with n

the salvo of hot spunk triggered a series of orgasmic shudders throughout Twilight's body, making her large plot quake more against your waist


It was like two big spherical mounds of soft marshmallow rippling against your spanking hips,
with both globes emblazoned with a trio of diamonds that matched the color of their owner's eyes.


Her ample ass consumed most of your waist as you fucked against its immense jiggling heft, its enormous orange cheeks somehow smearing its owner's sweat and feminine juices all over your lower half.

Rainbow Dash had a little too much to eat at Sugarcube Corner, courtesy of one of Pinkie Pie's parties. All those calories seemed to pack into her already sizable haunches, resulting in an enormous plot that almost seemed to rival the Princesses in sheer size.
03/13/18 02:52PM
Fertility Goddesses

Celestia had possessed the power of her "blessing" for a long time, and had even managed to gain some degree of control over it. Every now and then however, the lust simmering inside of her had to be sated, not unlike a mare's heat, and it was those times that the solar diarch would let its power sweep over her already beautiful body once more in order to coerce a nearby stallion into helping give her some much needed relief.

She spotted the young cadet as he ogled away at her, his eyes moving back and forth between her pillowy alabaster ass, her wet swollen pussy, and the enormous udders swaying between her legs. Under his own legs was his stallionhood, erect and throbbing from the sight she showed him in seeming obliviousness.


Because the inexperienced cadet was so clumsy in entering Celestia, she had to use her magic to help guide him inside of her. Her golden aura gave his throbbing pole a teasing squeeze to its rigid length before guiding its oozing head into her swollen lips. Slipping the tip inside, she allowed the guard to do the rest and felt him hastily slam his hips into her ample alabaster backside.

A small gout of his arousal escaped the cadet's member as it was completely engulfed by the Sun Goddess' deceptively tight pussy, and hugged tight by her strong inner muscles. To him, it felt as though he was repeatedly diving cock first into Elysium with every rapid thrust he gave.

It was like a second milking mouth latched firmly to his pulsing cock, its swollen drooling pillow-like lips practically adhered to his groin as it squeezed out the sperm building in his contracting sack.

He didn't last too long inside his Night Princess.

The oozing head stretched her inner passage wide before she felt a gooey warmth blossom from the blunt tip, the intoxicating sensation spreading to her core with every yielding throb and pulse.

"Worship me, peons!"

Cadance repeatedly cursed to herself at whoever had devised the so-called "blessing" that landed her in her current situation.

Cadance was surrounded on all sides, cornered by the very guards that were entrusted with her safety. In the distance was her husband, who had been knocked out by his own subordinates but was otherwise thankfully uninjured.

With their erect cocks flopping out of their sheaths, they all had the same identical look of pure lust on their blushing faces as they all had eyes on her.

Cadance had spent the past half-hour fighting off their insistent attempts to get atop her, and was slowly growing exhausted. One of the stallions had briefly managed to mount her, gasping as she felt him briefly rub the leaking head of his twitching length into her swollen nether lips before shaking him off. She shuddered as she felt lingering strands of his warm pre stick to her engorged outer labia, and tried to ignore it as she fled from them. Another had managed to brush his throbbing length against her right udder, the brief contact between the protruding sensitive flesh causing a spurt of milk to escape the stiff nub and splatter onto the ground.

Cadance was also fighting her own instincts as well, tempted to let the horde of aroused stallions take what belonged to her husband.
The combined smell of the heavily aroused stallions almost drove her crazy, with each inhale filling her senses with the musk of pulsating cocks and making it a struggle to resist climaxing over the floor from the just smell alone.

At the very least, if her dripping wet cunt was to be ravaged by the other stallions, she was going to make them work for it until the very end.


Cadance could not move from the floor, as the stallion on top of her had her firmly pinned down.

Cadance could feel its leaking tip nudge against her engorged lips, but her attempts were in vain without the stamina to fight them off as she felt the swollen head of his stiff protrusion slip inside her lovehole until his hips bottomed out against her plush pink ass.

Cadance could only moan in half anguish and half satisfaction as she unwillingly gave the guard what he wanted, only to feel something thick and hot slap her face. The musk flooding into her nostrils was all she needed to know what it was, and opened her muzzle without a thought. Clamping her mouth shut onto the throbbing protrusion, she quickly proceeded to suckle on the rigid flesh while the guard behind her pounded away at her plush pink rear.

While Cadance felt her mouth quickly flood with plentiful amounts of thick pre, she felt the guard attending to her flanks frantically smack his hips against her thick ass without even the slightest pause.

Cadance's "blessed" body had easily milked the first two Guards, only lasting a little over a minute before their testes hugged their groins in their peak. Both occupied orifices were flooded with their raw sperm in mere moments, her cheeks bloating full while the same gooey heat was pooling into her belly in several hot jets.

Cadance felt the Guards going flaccid inside her, feeling their spent members slide out of her only for two more to eagerly take their place and position themselves at both her front and rear. While the one behind her had penetrated her immediately, the one in front held his length in front of her drooling muzzle awaiting for her to wrap her lips around it, which she did.


What seemed like hours had breezed by for Cadance, having been immersed in a world of adulterous lust. She was practically surrounded by horsecocks that insistently buried themselves in her muzzle, asscheeks, pussy, and even wedged in between her swollen udders, only to unleash a torrent of hot semen to coat, cover, or fill that general spot.

In the end, Cadance could only lie in the middle of the hallway, completely drenched in hot stallion seed while the only guard left was humping away at her fat rump.

The last Guard couldn't hold it in anymore. His forelegs gripped the semen covered body of the turned out Love Goddess tight as his peak neared, hips delivering slower but more profound collisions to her big beautiful buttocks.

One last thrust into Cadance's swollen cooter, and the contents of his clenched sack had released several thick wads of his brimming load deep into the married alicorn. Originating from the tip of the stiff throbbing cock buried to the hilt,
a pleasant heat had once again surged all the to her core and filled her tummy to the brim.

Chrysalis' successful attempt at acquiring the Crystal Heart from its currently incapacitated Princess had backfired horribly on her and her numerous subjects.

Chrysalis had intended to use the stolen legendary artifact to make sure she and her children never had to struggle for their food ever again and, to her disbelief, her wish had been granted.

The Queen had obtained the "blessing" that gave an irresistible fertility goddess-like form to her, and her countless all-female children had each received a portion of its alluring powers in order to attain similar forms.

The crippling downside was that all their powers had unexpectedly disappeared in exchange, unable to even muster a simple beam to defend themselves as every lust driven male in the Empire had gone after them.

What had resulted was one massive interspecies orgy between the crystal pony stallions and the solely female changeling drones, the entirety of the crystalline area being filled with wet smacks and squelches between toned hips and chitinous, yet ample gelatinous ass. The eggs of countless changeling drones were fertilized outside the Crystal Palace walls, and the inside was no less hectic.

Chrysalis herself was struggling in vain to avoid the same fate as her drones as she rushed throughout the Crystal Palace, with a small group of horny crystal guards right behind her. Her large hefty teats, once nonexistent due to her changeling physiology not requiring mammary glands to nourish her young, were swaying uncontrollably between her wide foal birthing hips and engorged leaking cooter lips. Every desperate step she took also sent a repeated jiggle through the pliable fat of her greatly enlarged ass, and the whole combined display left the guards chasing after her more and more determined to mate with her.

When she thought she had lost them in a vacant section of the castle, Chrysalis was suddenly pinned down as she felt a pair of sturdy hooves wrap around her midsection. She could already feel the stallion's turgid cock probe her large backside, and her desperate attempts to pry him off with what little magic she possessed had quickly failed when her focus faltered for a single critical moment.

Chrysalis had just managed to wrap her magic around the stallion's tail in an attempt to yank him off, but his leaking tip had managed to find its way nudged into her swollen cunt lips. Contact with the wet sensitive flesh had ruined what concentration she could muster, and the stallion immediately took the opportunity to force his way into the vulnerable Queen. One strong, hasty push was all it took to penetrate her to the hilt, and her desperate shriek was a signal to the still searching guards that the Queen had been claimed.

Chrysalis could already feel her body betray her as her swollen cunt squeezed the intruding cock lodged inside her, feeling the minute throbs the slab of stallion meat gave within her swollen cunt as the tip leaked a tiny amount of gooey warmth into her belly before the stallion began to rut her.

A silent, despairing moan rang out throughout their surroundings, only to fade away and be replaced by the lewd sound of their huffing bodies smacking together urgently. Lower body leaning into the floor, the once proud Queen could only lie powerlessly as she had no choice but to allow the sexually charged stallion atop her bloated haunches to rut her to his heart's content.


Lusted so strongly after her own soldiers, Gleaming did not think the "blessing" she was unexpectedly given would cause the Guards under her to act so desperately.

Gleaming had seen the signs before, seeing all the male Guards' arousal protruding stiffly from their loins. From the most inexperienced cadet to the most seasoned veteran, they all looked at her with a lust they constantly struggled to take hold of.

But in the end, their breeding instincts had won over. Tied up and restrained somewhere where they wouldn't be discovered until at least after, the dutiful female Guard Captain had been passed around and used by her own subordinates.

To Gleaming, it felt wrong to have so many unfamiliar penises lodged inside what was supposed to be reserved for her dear husband. But her worries had gradually melted away, her own breeding instincts overriding rational thought with every torrent of fresh stallion spunk flooding its way into her womb.

Even while she had initially tried to fight it, Gleaming's engorged genitals drew upon the intruding horsecocks much like a second milking mouth. The slick flesh, oven-like heat, and constant feeling of wet suction wrapped around their rigid lengths were often too much, and another salvo of thick seed would gush into her insides in only under a minute.



03/13/18 02:54PM
EQG Milfs/Cougars are after your teenage sperm.

You are a minor at Canterlot High. You were still a virgin, but not for long.

You were in the gym showers, all by your lonesome due to everyone else leaving for lunch. Despite using the opportunity for some brief alone time, you constantly had the feeling of being watched, but kept writing it off as you being paranoid.

As you bathed your naked self, you found yourself mulling over recent events. Ever since you turned 17, you've been the focus of attention by the adults around your school and neighborhood.

And by adults, you meant the adult women whether they be single, married, and mothers ranging from recent to the more mature. And the mothers of the more well-known students, such as Rarity and Pinkie, were the ones who gave you such attention.

And when they did so, you could always detect a faint blush on their faces as they conversed with you. While you were not averse to such sudden popularity amongst the adult women considering how attractive they all were, you still found it all very strange.

As you finished cleaning yourself, the sound of wet footsteps brought you out of your thoughts, and you immediately turned to the source. Your previous thoughts of being spied on validated, you were greatly surprised to find yourself staring into the blushing face of Principal Celestia, whose naughty expression looked as though she was prepared to indulge herself in a guilty pleasure.

Biting her lip as she sat on a nearby bench, her violet eyes roamed up and down your nude body, which you instinctively tried to cover up.


You knew you should've been trying to fight Principal Celestia off, since her forward actions were very illegal and unethical for someone who ran an entire high school.

And yet, your body welcomed the wet suction around your member. You simply shuddered in place as Celestia sucked off your length, already feeling droplets of your pre ooze onto her tongue.


Celestia's breasts, whose deep cleavage was always exposed to some degree by her golden yellow dress shirt, was now trapping your cock in its immense pillowy warmth.

After having her mouth wrapped around your member, the alabaster colored tit flesh wrapping snugly around your dick was just too much, and Celestia was rewarded with a salvo of thick ropes slinging onto her blushing face. Eyes tightly shut, you felt her rubbing the white globes up and down trying to stimulate you into releasing every liter of teen spunk onto her, which she seemed to relish the feel of greatly.


Your heart raced as you grabbed the band of Luna's pants, and hastily tugged them downward. With her attention focused solely on you, she watched as her large twin moons were exposed to you. Her turquoise eyes then moved from your almost drooling face to your bare lap, biting her lip as her gazed locked on to the rigid erection twitching between her thighs since it had already been set free from your own underclothing beforehand.

With your arms wrapped firmly around Luna's waist, you leveled your crotch with her own until your cock was in penetrating position.
With your cocktip already aligned with her dripping nethers, your hips slammed hard into Luna's ass. An enticing ripple was sent through the blue rear's supple cheeks upon impact, which preceded the series of vigorous thrusts that would cause the twin moons to wobble ceaselessly.

Luna had simply stood in place, enticing moans escaping her open mouth as her pussy was plunged in and out of by your teenage cock.


You were personally tasked with something "important" by Principal Celestia.

Monitored by the Principal and her sister, Vice Principal Luna, you were expected to have sex with Ms Cheerilee as part of an unorthodox Sex Ed demonstration.

With your signature sweatpants and undergarments heaped onto Cheerilee's own on a nearby chair, you couldn't help but feel a bit self conscious with everyone in the room having their eyes glued to your flaccid penis. Though from what you could tell from your view, they both seemed to look at Ms Cheerilee with at least some degree of envy.

Though, your member would not remain limp from the arousing sight of Ms Cherilee's equally bare ass, standing proudly in the face of your two female witnesses.


Having chosen to accompany you to the beach as a form of vacation, Mrs Cake donned the tightest fitting swimsuit she could find and departed the bakery with you in tow. The bakery would be covered by her husband, her hyperactive part-time employee, and her five close friends until she got back.

Not long after arriving, Mrs Cake discovered that said beach also had a section where its occupants were allowed to go nude, leaving the mature baker unusually estatic to have the degree of freedom she claimed she hadn't had in years.

Mrs Cake rushed to the nearest public privacy tent to change, taking you with her just in case anything went wrong. After a series of strained grunts escaped the tent, she stuck her head out its open flap and asked you for help.

"Say, could you come in here and help me get this swimsuit off? I don't even know what possessed me to try this on again, I haven't even worn the darn thing in years!"

And so you did, positioning himself right behind Mrs Cake as he took a firm hold of the shoulder flaps and pulled downward. At the same time, the mature baker shifted her body into a bent over position, leaning her head forward and pushing her rear outwards for more traction.

Whether she knew it or not, Mrs Cake was also grinding her enormous backside firmly into your groin as you attempted to remove her tight swimsuit. You could feel the immensely soft contour of each pudgy cheek squish against the tightening fabric of your loose shorts, unconsciously causing him to grind yourself right back and feeling a good portion of your protruding bonertent plunge into the deep crack of her ass.

Before either of the pair could notice, Mrs Cake's swimsuit finally managed to slip off. Barely managing to keep your footing from the sudden give, you felt your face brush against one of the mature baker's large asscheeks before standing back upright. It then hit you that you were alone in a tent with someone's naked wife. Said wife didn't seem to share your immediate concerns, however.

Said naked wife also had no qualms turning around and kneeling in front of you, giving you a good view of her bare breasts as she hooked her thumbs around the waistband of your shorts and underwear. With one pull, your lower half was laid bare before Mrs Cake, and your erection was presented before her blushing face.

Before you could even utter a word of protest, Mrs Cake had quickly wrapped her lips tight around your shaft, and immediately gotten to work sucking off your turgid arousal. With the stimulating wet suction surrounding your entire member, you were immediately quelled into silence.


After the thorough blowjob Mrs Cake had given you had done away with your inhibitions, both you and the mature baker had walked back out onto the beach without a single article of clothing to cover themselves.

With you two under the protective shade of a beach umbrella and their nude bodies settled on top of a large towel, you both were utterly content as they were, being naked as the day they were born. As you both were completely open to any further illicit behavior, it wasn't long before you two had resumed their adulterous ministrations.

While you were once again worked up after having thoroughly applied sunscreen to Mrs Cake's naked flesh, the pudgy baker once again felt your arousal wedged deep in between the plump globes of her large rear as you was coating her back. Little encouragement was needed on her end to goad you into fucking her right then and there, with her enticing display of shaking her fat jiggling ass in the air.

It only took a few errant thrusts into her expansive rump, exploring the heavenly squishy contour in between her large bare cheeks before your tip had made contact with something hot and slick. Having no qualms about banging the baker's big backside bareback,
you simply plunged right in and immediately started hammering your hips away at her massive rump.

It wasn't long before your next load slung into the voluptuous baker in repeated spurts, after an eager fucking that left her bountiful blue buttocks rippling constantly.


Cookie Crumbles: "Say Anon, me and the girls were hoping that while our daughters enjoyed the dance, you could escort us to, oh say, a conveniently empty room?"

Cloudy Quartz: "The three of us were really looking forward to having someone like you help us get our "rocks" off before such a long night."

Posies Shy: "And its lucky we were able to fuck… -er, find a nice young man like yourself before the dance really kicked off, too! Should we get going?"


You had barely pulled down your pants and underwear before Mrs Crumbles had wrapped her lips around your turgid cock, having been standing ready in response to the combination of the lewd sex proposition between the three MILFs and the skin tight dresses they wore that exposed a large amount of alluring cleavage.

Precum was already leaking out of you before you felt Mrs Crumbles' plump lips glide up and down your cock.


Dean Cadance

03/13/18 02:54PM

Be 18 y/o Apple nephew

you recognized that signature pinkish red dress anywhere and called out the name of the owner as you approached from behind

a VERY stretched out red apron met your gaze when she turned around, wobbling slightly into view as if it were straining to keep something hefty from escaping

"There ya are! How's mah favorite nephew?"

The only visible sign of Apple Dumpling's change were the constrained set of massive mammaries struggling to escape her tightly wounded dress, as if she had made an effort at modesty beforehand

Aside from that, your aunt Apple Dumpling seemed to remain mostly normal

everywhere else on her body is what you would expect from your happily married, middle aged, mother-of-five aunt

beforehand, you admittedly still found her beautiful despite the signs of age

but now you couldn't help but feel a twinge of lust when you looked at her, as if something deep inside you was urging you to see your aunt Apple Dumpling as more than a close relative

as if aching for more attention, a button had forcefully popped off of Apple Dumpling's dress and revealed just how much she had hidden, freeing her big breasts and exposing a lot of deep cleavage

the enticing sight invoked a powerful erection that made a clear display of your true feelings for aunt Apple Dumpling as it strained against your shorts in an attempt to grab her attention first

some hours went by with you helping Apple Dumpling with making dumplings

her shirt was never buttoned up so her big breasts were constantly on display, jiggling in their tight, yet very exposing constraints and always vying for your attention

her implications on where she got the milk for making her dumplings made your constant erection struggle harder to escape your pants

"Think ah' didn' notice y'all starin' at mah' big ol' dumplins?"

canyon of cleavage inches from your face, threatening to spill out of their tight fabric prison

"Shame on y'all, lustin' af'ter yer' ol' aunt like this."

more of a playful tease than a genuine scolding

"Why, ah oughta'... oughta'..."

"Mmmmmmnnnnnn. Hold on a tad darlin', a'hm feelin'... somethin'... comin'..."

your aunt's massive breasts grew before your widened eyes, popping another button and leaving so much more wobbling tit-flesh exposed, and yet a single button kept it all from spilling out



her enticing moan was cut off by a sudden splash

the ground below her was now drenched in musky-smelling liquid, along with her inner thighs

"There we go... Mah gals wer' never meant ta' be hidden. They wanna be seen!"

faint, but still audible sound of sloshing within her jostling melons

you tried your hardest to suppress your urges at the sight of your aunt's milk-engorged dumplings, that practically begged to wedge your penis between them

"Say, can I ask y'all a favor? Aunt ta nephew?"

mouth latched tight onto her right nipple, then her left

what seemed like gallons of your aunt's warm milk flowed down your gullet from each breast

thoughts became more and more clouded with each swallowed mouthful

"Good ta' know ya'll could help me. The ol' gals were fit ta burstin'!"

cock literally explodes out of pants, easily tearing through both sets of tightly wound fabric and leaving what was left plopping onto the ground

throbbing dick protrudes about a foot long

you yearned to ravage your busty MILF of an aunt

even if it was only her massive milk-engorged breasts that had seemingly been the sole change, she was still a fertility goddess in your mind and begging to be filled with her nephew's cum, incest be damned

Appre Dumpling wasted no time in wrapping a soft hand around your pre leaking shaft, giving it a brief stroke along its pulsing length

"Figured ah would return the fav'a by milkin' ya right back, hon."

to horny to think


despite the increased size, your dick fit snugly in between Apple Dumpling's ample dumplings

pre frothed from the tip and slid right down into her deep cleavage, lubing up your shaft even more

ample breast flesh engulfing, squeezing, rubbing every inch of your pulsing length

"Go ahead n' spunk inside yer' auntie Dumplin's big ol' udders, sweetie. Ah don' mind..."

intense pleasure gripped you as the first urgent rope spurted from the leaking head

several ropes of thick spunk slung from the tip and pelted Apple Dumpling's face with a very audible splat

"Sakes alive! Ya' went off like a fire hose!"


drank in her MILFy body

large breasts sagged a bit without the tightly constrained dress, and sloshed with rapidly produced milk

tackled her into nearby hay pile

felt so good to plug up Auntie Dumpling's leaking hole


Apple Dumpling moaned aloud as you ravaged her on a bale of hay

your enlarged cock drilled deep into her aged cooter, letting its velvety walls squeeze and milk out your seed

bloated balls spanked her rear with each thrust

"That's mah' breedin' bull! Give this ol' dairy cow what she needs!"

milky breasts jostling wildly

her plump lips periodically meshed into your own

slender legs wrapped tight around your waist, intent on keeping you inside until you finish

noise soon attracted a few of your other aunts and their daughters/your cousins who had undergone their own varied stages of the sudden bimbo transformation, intently watching aunt and nephew fervently fuck like animals in heat

your own mother, Apple Leaves was sitting in the middle of the small crowd with your sisters, playing with her own similarly bimboified body as she watched you mindlessly plow one of your aunts with the others

Apple Leaves' own heated look had told you she was shamelessly fantasizing about being in Apple Dumpling's place, and that she might not have to fantasize depending on how things went

this knowledge, and the idea of fucking the rest of the girls gathered up here, Apple Leaves and sisters included, made your cock throb harder inside Apple Dumpling

balls were hugging your groin tight

intense pressure seeping into your shaft

couldn't hold it back anymore



gripped in pleasure, you both moaned in unison as Apple Dumpling's slightly pudgy stomach bloated slightly from your incestuous seed filling her beyond her limits

each spurt released an enormous wad of cum, which overflowed and gushed out of your aunt's cunt

each spurted rope sent a powerful jolt of pleasure through your loins

Apple Dumpling's own floodgates opened, spraying milk and pussy juice everywhere


you couldn't hell but marvel at your own handiwork, having almost literally fucked your aunt's brains out

Apple Dumpling simply laid there with a blank smile, mixed fluids cascading out of her used cunt and onto the floor like a mini-waterfall

in the brief moment of lucidity, you likened yourself to a breeding bull that was mindlessly prepped to rut and breed, and all the surrounding dairy cows were eager to be impregnated

starting with Apple Leaves

Big Apple Betty spitroast! I want to see that belly bloat with a big helping of her nephew's cum!

Apple Dumpling's milk channels 90% of the bimbo magic into her nephew's balls and baby batter blasters in reflection of how her own breasts grew in comparison to the rest of her body.

But Brown Apple Betty's own BIG reserves of breast milk on the other hand is enough to make each of her nephews all-around larger to reflect her own gluttonous lust.

It would make sense that their Auntie Betty would want to be reamed from both ends by the BIG and horny studs she turned her nephews into.

each stud grabbed a handful of each of their Auntie Betty's massive breasts, giving the respective udder a firm squeeze and watching with lustful awe as gallons of warm milk sprayed from each nipple

Thrusting their BIG cocks past her plump lips

smacking their toned hips into her BIG jiggling booty

making her BIG udders sway and wobble under her, with her BIG sensitive nipples brushing against the ground and smearing it with leaked out milk

almost tirelessly firing their BIG loads down their auntie's tight throat and into her fat pussy

and leaving her already BIG belly bloated to the brim and wobbling with cum

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