04/17/17 07:04AM
binding agent for the urine aldehyde glue
<p> Of the binding agent for the urine aldehyde glue, with formaldehyde gas, the human body's nasal mucosa, retina, respiratory tract, internal organs, [url=]white vinyl deck flooring[/url]nervous system and other stimuli, prolonged inhalation of this gas can lead to dizziness, nausea, loss of appetite and other symptoms. Serious can also cause chronic poisoning. Bran core board easy to break, resulting in droplets,<a href="">composite interlocking decking tiles</a> easily lead to some of the body's adverse reactions, such as asthma, coughing, sneezing, broken fragments will hurt the moving children.</p>
<p> In addition, bran core board is not moisture, easy to breed bacteria. Brand competition from the sword from the beginning of 1999, Xi'an laminate flooring industry competition between the brands have been full of gunpowder,<a href="">anti temperature pvc interior door</a> but was limited to imported brands and domestic brands between the war of words to a greater extent overshadowed the other competition. After the fight for the "King of the Forest", "Elephant", "Tiger", "Lion" and other brands between a round of price war intensified. Peak turn, in 2004,[url= ]Wood Plastic Exterior Wall board[/url] and suddenly appeared in the beauty of the dispute, off the Lin, Zhu Yin, Li Jiaxin is the Mexican debut, fighting for the eye. The brand to strengthen the floor to keep or occupy a larger market share, </p>
<p>are outdone, all the brands are ready to tie the price "bottom line" to start a defensive counterattack, but in the fierce competition in the well-known brands, Of consumers, you can close the "profit",<a href="">recyclable WPC pergola</a> enjoy the inexpensive, cost-effective floor products. At the same time, the brand is also innovative, have introduced special products to attract consumers. The United States launched the 2008 yuan / square meters price of the floor, Ruijia launched 360 environmental protection series, Shuangfeng,[url= ]PVC Fence Application at the Horse Ranch[/url] Dewey is the introduction of geothermal, the United States and Europe, the United States, series. A variety of products to provide customers with a wide range of options, but also to consolidate the brand image. </p>

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