04/17/17 12:43PM
medium-sized timber processing enterprises
income of 100 million yuan of integrated timber deep processing enterprises. The company's "Run-yang" flooring in December 2005 won the title of national Mianjian products, products exported to Europe and the United States, the Middle East more than 30 countries and regions. "In Chuzhou, the rapid development of stunning wood industry and how to stop a forest?
January 29, set up only 5 years of the Yangtze floor more than 30,000 square meters of new factory officially settled in Chuzhou New Industrial Park, in 2006, the company Sales of up to 200 million yuan, the products are sold to the United States, South Korea, more than 30 countries and regions since 2000, Chuzhou has supported and built in Anhui Asia and Europe,
Dongshu, Hongshan and a number of large and medium-sized timber processing enterprises, Forest industry and trade integration, production, supply and marketing through-train industry management pattern, the production of various types of wood-based panels 886,000 cubic meters, and strengthen the wood floor 25 million square meters.
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