04/18/17 05:06AM
Tie extension machinery reliable quality win trust

<p>Recently, in Jiangsu Lianyungang site, Jiangsu Huanyu Traffic Engineering Co., Ltd. purchased the first 8 sets of iron extension asphalt plant mixed heat regeneration equipment successfully completed the installation, <p>[url=]Cross-Section Heavy Duty Pavement[/url]</p> supporting 3000 asphalt mixing equipment. Jiangsu Huanyu Traffic Engineering Co., Ltd. is a national municipal engineering construction general contractor Erji enterprise, mainly assume the level of road.</p>

<p> bridge engineering, municipal engineering and other related business, now has different brands at home and abroad asphalt mixture mixing equipment a total of 8 sets 4000 type 2 sets, 3000 sets of 4 sets,<p>[url=]Road Construction Wisconsin[/url]</p> 2500 sets of 1 sets, 2000 sets of 1 sets), Tie extension machinery brand of asphalt plant mixing heat regeneration equipment 8 sets.June 2011, Huanyu traffic for its Huai'an branch of the asphalt mixing equipment matching the first set of asphalt plant mixing heat regeneration equipment.</p>

<p> using the iron extension machinery RLBZ1000 type regeneration unit. Universal traffic chairman Chen Changyu in the recall of the purchase of the equipment, said: from the equipment into the mixing plant, give me the feeling of iron extension machinery is a very standardized enterprise, equipment,<p>[url=]Quality Pavement Fabrics[/url]</p> whether from the material or work, give the first One impression is that this business is trustworthy. In the subsequent operation of the operatio. </p>

<p>the iron extension machinery recycling equipment did not live up to Chen Dong's trust, excellent completion of the recycling of waste materials, to help Huacheng Huai'an branch to complete the various road construction projects, and create huge economic benefits. In the next two years,<p>[url=]Squeegee Asphalt Machine[/url]</p> Universal Traffic has for its asphalt mixing equipment matching 6 sets of renewable equipment, without exception, all selected Tie Tuo machinery, until now the first 8 sets.</p>

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