04/18/17 03:27PM
people on the quality of life
home accessories began to become the focus of business promotion. Some furniture, sofa brands have discounted activities, many bedding, bathroom supplies are engaged in samples and specials price sales. From the previous New Year to wear new clothes to the home for the new clothes, from the past before the New Year's Eve from home to the next to clean up
to now from the inside to the home to change the kind of people on the quality of life more and more pursuit of the Spring Festival market Has brought new growth points. From simple to changeable, from a single to diversified, from the low-cost market into the high-end line ... ... home jewelry in China has formed a certain scale,
a qualitative change has occurred, and become a business market occupation of the festivals To the ground. IKEA, special house and many other home stores during the Spring Festival will be as usual business, B & Q will also focus on the promotion of soft decorations. Yili Noroy carried out the "jewelry to buy 100 yuan to buy the second to enjoy half-price concessions" activities.
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