04/19/17 04:21AM
construction company of design
its owner is the United States Hans (Hines) estate company, this company in 18 countries 100 many cities have bureau, also be one of the world's biggest estate companies. The MGA construction company of design drill a knife is in use advanced lumber and technical field seasoned, the lumber that is located in Canadian tall to order princely city innovates and design the building of whole timber structure of central WIDC, also be MGA design.

They emphasize building the influence that brings to whole ecosystem place. And think, "One is beautiful merely, be destined to the building of our no point however is brief. The building should bring positive effect. The building should bring positive effect..

T3 is a novel office building, owner Hines tries to pass it, will create the environment of a warm hospitality, attract potential employee and employer. T3 meaning is " lumber (Timber) , technology (Technology) , carry (Transit) " , whole structure by 224000 square foot (about 20810 square metre) office building and retail space composition. Have floor of the chunk woodiness column with more than 3600 bare stere, Lianghe. "[url=]composite decking the best[/url],[url=]timber plastic product design[/url],[url=]wall decorative cladding panels exterior[/url]"

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