04/19/17 06:31AM
increase productivity newly
Guangxi area has go into operation of 4 product line building, increase productivity newly 720 thousand stere / year, 16% what occupy the whole nation to increase productivity newly about, productivity reachs whole area 5.69 million stere / year, row continue to maintain the 2nd. China and Canadian blow fell illegally reach relevant trade conference to be held in Beijing

Blow is added to cut illegally in the round table near future that reachs its commerce is held in Beijing. The Canadian trade mission that attend the meeting and Chinese forestry bureau represented deepness one case to discuss how to increase blow to cut illegally the strength that reachs its commerce, ensure the forest can develop continuously.

This round table by in add management department of two countries forestry to engineer an organization jointly, also be Canadian forest, land and hall of carry of natural resource battalion long Mr Shangmusen guides 2016 of Asian trade mission communicate first meeting. On round table, the policy that Canadian delegate shared Canadian government to be adopted with its blackmarket bourse to cutting illegally and manage in forest land and execute the law the experience of the respect. "[url=]composite wood furniture outdoor rocker[/url],[url=]figure the angle for a bench[/url],[url=]wood based composite materials[/url]"

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