04/19/17 07:54AM
trying to transfer production base
take the OEM production development path seems more realistic - to do their own brand On the talent, the design requirements are very high, which is currently in the domestic furniture industry leader in Guangdong are still the problem, not to mention the more backward of Yunnan. He analyzed that the current coastal industrial economy is being transferred.
In Guangdong, many large furniture manufacturers are trying to transfer production base, towards resource-rich, close to consumption, cheap labor transfer area. In this regard, Yunnan has a certain advantage. But the Yunnan side must be in the production of technology and technology, management, raw materials and other aspects of more standards
and norms in order to attract the attention of coastal predators, or cooperate with them to do OEM production. Baotuan combat to form a joint force "to strengthen the industry management, improve service quality, enterprises must Baotuan development, the establishment of furniture industry associations to strengthen communication and exchange."
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