04/19/17 11:43AM
lumber industry garden
On May 3, my area holds lumber industry garden to build plan workshop. On May 25, my area holds project of lumber industry garden to plan plan seminar. On June 12, shaanxi is pressed down cling to travelling merchant group goes to the county to always inspect item of lumber industry garden on the spot. On June 20, my area is held meet into seminar of condition lumber project. On June 24, the member that area port does goes to Chongqing to attend broadness of the 21st United States southeast Asia of committee of Xie Mu export and annual meeting of big China area.

On July 27, my area was held " Chongqing always plain plan to devise plan into garden of condition lumber industry " evaluation is met. In July 28-29 day, group of Shanghai blessing person all moves a group to come always inspect lumber item and with have an informal discussion of harbor wind family property.

On August 11, area port does go to Chongqing custom to negotiate construction of standardization of manage article dock rectifies and reform matters concerned. On August 29, group of heart of couplet of Hong Kong heart will always entered agreement of project of garden of condition lumber industry to undertake negotiating. On September 9, the member that area port does went to headquarters of Chengdu of group of heart of couplet of Hong Kong heart to undertake making an on-the-spot investigation on the spot. "[url=] build composite retaining wall[/url],[url=]top wpc decking producers in china[/url],[url=]rehau window prices[/url]"

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