05/17/17 10:27AM
home furnishings wood flooring market
three-dimensional, transparent, fully demonstrated home improvement in water, electricity, wood, paint and other technology. Six, 60 minutes issued a home improvement design. You only need to bring their own Huxing map, the scene of the designer and you will be in complete communication with the needs of home improvement,
an hour for your tailor-made home improvement design. Seven, hundreds of well-known materials to show a joint display, portrait Qingzheng. Central Plains only wood flooring headquarters base - Kang home furnishings wood flooring market, with 20 well-known wood flooring brand to participate in cultural festival, the spring heavy sales.
Here you can definitely buy the cheapest wooden floor. In addition, ceramics, paint and other decorative materials brand also have a pleasant surprise waiting for you. Eight, 500 sets of GB standard between the limited spot collection. By the China Building Decoration Association supervision of the 500 sets of models,
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