05/18/17 03:16AM
Chinese culture
Question number three, Is to play jokes on his friends, May be related to the Chinese culture, Because the Japanese are talking about is the layout of the whole, Also pay attention to the cooperation, Chinese culture was playing mahjong, Just to ourselves, If a business can't cooperate, is just what type of mahjong, then believe this problem is difficult to solve, be able to work together, this is a huge resistance.
Because the Chinese culture, is a group of culture, how to make this cake big?Then cut a little bigger.You're the boss, how am I to make you regulate?In fact, we are in the company's subsidiaries and cooperation, There are more than 10 companies in Jiangsu Province, the source is the beginning, 10 years will be the source of business after 10 years of development, I believe that all our friends, friends can be the source of a witness to ten years behind.
Thank youDu total: the satisfied practice is the best answer, I think that sums up a little bit, The industry said that the "male be afraid of wrong line, afraid of marrying the wrong woman lang", indeed this is the case, in recent years, the mobile phone, the mobile phone dealer got to do two years ago, has developed rapidly.
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