05/18/17 05:33AM
lumber price rose surely
The near future sees many informations, have say lumber price rose surely 2017 undoubted, have those who say to drop surely, have each point of view each really, this is very normal, if everybody can be analysed,be opposite, china does not have difference of the rich and the poor, as the stock, wrong when be opposite.

We chat together now, everybody knows exchange rate is going up all the time, marine also of add trouble to follow suit, home is restricted to create steam carry, iron movement again also is to go up sound, these have above policy class status, we are bad to analyse, because lead,do not listen to us. . .

We or the price that talk about lumber itself, talk about abroad first, as a whole be expected to fall, because winter is,cut period, log money amount had, and at present futures price has been in perch, but whether drop really, depend on the quantity taking money of lumber demand country, namely international lumber supply demand relations, everybody should understand this reason, one has the status that female a hunderd schools seeks, how can drop. "[url=]15mm furniture board deck[/url],[url=]building a round deck around an above ground pool[/url],[url=]outdoor wood floor panels[/url]"

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