05/18/17 09:34AM
big fruit rosewood
Burmese Hua Li (big fruit rosewood) the price that waits for material also has distinct range (40% to 50%) rise. "This annatto material rises in price with 2013 that is different, either the price theory that because heat up Qian Liu,causes into factitious hype is tall, however the unbalance of supply and demand that because export a nation,policy change brings about, rise in price this without bubble.

" Wang Haiyang says, "Can go up why to be planted after all degree, everybody says to forbid now, still remain to observe. Still remain to observe.. Li Zhong letter says letter annatto president in, as appendix of CITES endangered species of 2 carry out, will supply development and use annatto raw material henceforth will rarer and rarer be short of, situation of development of annatto furniture industry is grim. Cost of material increases,

industry " shuffle " accelerate The influence that annatto material rises in price to be caused to annatto furniture industry is clearly. "Tell from a certain angle, material rises in price to be able to promote a sale on certain level, because a lot of consumer are ' buy go up to be not bought drop ' , heard of annatto material to rise in price, they may fast ' helper ' . " Wang Haiyang says, "This pair of a few enterprises ' go inventory ' it is helpful.
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