05/18/17 12:47PM
western philosophy
Forestry is a branch of natural science, A social science, is also a future science for forestry problems, only using the philosophy of science, epistemology and dialectics of nature in order to know their rights and wrongs.
When it comes to forestry, it is necessary to speak of Germany, because Germany is the home of western philosophy and dialectics of nature, and also the cradle of modern forestry.
Forestry as a social science, it should be the scope of the study of ethical morality and psychology, but now the other almost entirely ignored in addition to the economy of China. " [url=]supplier of wood composite floor[/url] , [url=]building deck benches backs[/url] , [url=]composite storage wpc deck box[/url] , [url=]less expensive alternative to wood wall panel[/url] "

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