05/18/17 12:52PM
the business Investments are frustrated
Now played for Italy Juventus Nedvede annual salary of 250 million kronor (about 11.57 million US dollars), 11.1 million US dollars for him this is nothing, but the football star or for their first business in the business Investments are frustrated. Although he did not speak directly on the broker, but still in an interview with television,
said he was deceived by the brokerage firm.Do you want to make a few fold? Soufun owners on behalf of the building materials business negotiations to buy matters March 3, the search property owners and building materials business in the soufun room conference on the group to buy related issues held a meeting,
the meeting on the group buy the process, buy the price, buy items specifications Basically reached a consensus. Participants of the owners of building materials on the quality, specifications and buy the price of the relevant conditions, hope that through the network so that the majority of users unite, for the lowest buy group.
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