05/18/17 05:11PM
market end of the year check
Lumber market end of the year check: Change of price of North America material was analysed 2016 Of the price of North America material fluctuant and main the export price that gets American sawmill (producer price + inland freight + marine cost) cause with exchange rate, in a year when be about to go,

overall for the price of material of all North America is to rise continuously, be in at least 10% above, different wood is planted and all standards rise on average more than 15% (the count that does not include Hu Tao, of Walnut go up had been close to 30% ) , see the data analysis below please: One: Exchange rate went up 2016:

The abidance of the RMB devalues, the price exchange rate of add U.S. dollor from January 6.48 7.03 to December 20, exchange rate causes those who import cost to go up already amounted to 8% ; 2. The data that exports unit price and exchange rate to cause lumber to import cost is analysed (below with red oak / white wax / cherry / alder 4/4 does an analysis) Red oak 4/4: 4/4#1C always goes up make an appointment with 16% , "[url=]pressure treated wood in trinidad[/url],[url=]cheap easy ways make outside patio[/url],[url=]best coating for porch floors[/url]"

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