05/19/17 03:55AM
agglutination wood product
The enterprise has 4 sawmill, can produce sawn timber of 1.3 million stere every year in all. The 4 sawmill gate of the job of lorry Cong Weisen wood that everyday about 220 transport timber sets out, the product carry goes the world each district. The success of course of study of Finnish dimension Sen Mu is to build mix in reliable experience last to what the product develops over acceptance.

Our concept is, after through sawmill gate when precious raw material carry comes in, we are met as far as possible best uses it " , estate sale chief inspector Mr Eero Valio expresses Finnish Weisenmu. The product range that the company goes a few years to develop the diversification that go out specific reflected this one concept.

Its product includes the sawn timber of a variety of norms, agglutination wood product, the packing product that the road construction such as lever of barrier of protective screen of capital construction of the tray that pack, bridge, sound insulation, elk, communication and telegraph pole works and infrastructure product. And the by-product that sawmill produces in manufacturing process is become by treatment biology fuel grain, use as the ideal the sources of energy of large industry workshop and small-sized building heating. "[url=]timber decking versus components[/url],[url=]recyclable lightweight patio tiles[/url],[url=]options to cover cement patio[/url]"

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