05/19/17 03:57AM
value is higher
The number of afforestation is the same as the of is a reason.Many forest - made forests will also have short benefits from humanism, such as trees that can not become a pillar of wood to burn.Natural forest and plantation have different material value, or even spiritual value.
The German philosopher Max Scheler's value into the value of the value of pleasant and unpleasant (feeling), The value of life (highs and lows), The value of the spirit (the ugly and the beautiful, right and wrong, the level of knowledge), this judge from plantation and natural forest, and its value is higher the lower one has been clear-cut.
Plantation and natural forests are both antagonistic and non - contradictory, in the process of human recovery in forest, I can be you, I have you. " [url=]noble wood plastic composite wall panel[/url] , [url=]industries composite wood wall panel[/url] , [url=]synthetic plastic wood floor trinidad[/url] , [url=]best floor stockists uk[/url] "

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