05/19/17 04:33AM
the construction site quality of the project
And do not trust home improvement supervision and do not know where to find a real supervision company, is troubled supervision market development of the main reasons. problem dual role in the role of supervision is difficult to play an interview with reporters found that almost all of the home improvement company has a special engineering quality department,
responsible for the construction site quality of the project, including selection, progress, acceptance and so on. However, this practice owners do not seem to buy it, is renovating Mr. Liu said that such a supervisor from the construction unit, made clear that both when the "athlete" and when the "referee", so for such supervision,
Mr. Liu think and Can not really play the role of supervision. According to Dong Yi Ri Sheng Xi'an Branch Manager Zhu Shiyou introduction, for the decoration company, the Department of Engineering Quality is a must exist in a sector, it ensures the construction site quality and progress. Reasonable institutional settings,
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