05/19/17 06:25AM
actress wooden industry
Actor actors or actress wooden industry Inc. is produced " ion of clean aldehyde negative oxygen is solid Mu Fu joins a floor board " and " plywood of ion of clean aldehyde negative oxygen " the appraisal of committee of experts that organizes through association of industry of Chinese forest products achieves international advanced level;

Industry of 1000 dark timber built mainstay business " Shandong 1000 dark academy of technology of man-made board industry " , established a kind new-style " produce learn to grind " innovation platform. 3, relevant industry dimensions expands quickly, wooden industry enginery realized annual produce 2015 900 million yuan, the furniture such as wooden door, ambry kind realize annual produce 2.2 billion yuan, glue sticky agent kind realize annual produce 1.8 billion yuan;

4, industry 10 wait for assemble of bibcock enterprise height by force, wooden door a 10 strong TATA wood the door and be different from furniture, Huang Chaojia illicit to wait for industry bibcock to enter base of industry of timber of the county that be stationed in cost in succession. The whole nation builds loose price of radiate of general view of lumber market level to go up again Face close the end of the year, "[url=]chain link fence panels 4x8[/url],[url=]plastic slats for garden bench[/url],[url=]buy pool decks company europe[/url]"

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