05/19/17 10:26AM
average per capita consumes
At present domestic average per capita consumes 0.4 stere, the world is average it is 0.67 stere, it is sunny industry more. &nbsp reporter investigates discovery, often be introduced to the man-made of where the wind and the waves are highest board the enterprise walked up already " Lin Ban unifinication " afforestation road, chop a tree to be planted again already tree.

After She Xuebin of chairman of household trustee bureau calculated nature to fall, tell " times of an ancient name for China " reporter: "Us every chopped to plant 10. " the data that Lin Deying of general manager of life home group provides is: The parent company has oneself forest have 4 million hectare.

The reporter saw accumulation mountainous in processing factory of abundant forest group fast unripe eucalyptus, its are rear from some 200 thousand mus fast unripe forest; And the base of raw material forest that has 100 thousand mus 3 power company, appearing on the market in seek at present. Disclose according to the driveway, land capital market to be helpful for expanding afforestation dimensions. "[url=]residential outdoor wooden wall cladding[/url],[url=]wood composite decking online sales[/url],[url=]cheap outdoor flooring tiles[/url]"

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