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Anonymous >> #2209
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She won't stop. especially since her nipples are so sensitive that it causes cute giggling.

Anonymous >> #2210
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in fact, lilypad is much younger than most of the human mlp characters. While Pinkie is the element of laughter. She could drag her fingers around all of Lily's soft sensitive flesh to search out those hyperticklish spots. Grab her by the feet and lick, suck, and nibble those soles and toes to make her give those squeaky bubbly giggles.

"Cootchie coo, little Lily Pad. Oh! What's that! You have a ticklish pussy too? Of course you do, no one has touched you here before, right? Tickle tickle! That means it's also super sensitive to tickles too! Wow! Now you're really giggling!." Pinkie would hug her at this point, feeling her struggle and wiggle, Lily trying to escape her grip as she laughs hard from Pinkie tickling her sensitive pussy. Pinkie's expert fingers are so nimble and dextrous, she's able to get the little one to orgasm, and yet still laugh through her loud moaning.

Lily Pad doesn't understand the feelings she's having down there, and she doesn't want Pinkie touching her like that. But how can Pinkie tell? For all she knew, Lily's giggling only invited her to tickle her more and more, even after she orgasmed.

Anonymous >> #2212
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Also, thinking on that. Pinkie could be more devious. She could tie Lily down in the water, and stick a fish in her especially tight pussy after fingering it enough to get her nice and slippery. The fish would act like a vibrator. But with Lily's pussy being ticklish as well, she'd be trying to kick and struggle to get the tickle and pleasure torture to stop.

Meanwhile, Pinkie herself could lick and suck on one little nipple while tickling the other. She could blow bubbly raspberries on her belly. and poke at her until she finds the right spot to really make her scream in laughter while her pussy is nibbled and wiggled by the fish.

FeetLovers8841 >> #2213
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You are such an arousing poet.

Anonymous >> #2214
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Well, Lilypad is a rather cute girl. And little girls like her are at their absolute cutest when they are smiling and letting out heavenly giggles. But sometimes girls like her need help with that. Sometimes they get too scared to smile and laugh. That's why you gotta help them do it. There is a reason little girls are so hyperticklish, it's because pleasuring them can be no fun when they are whining, so them having a ticklish pussy is good because you can make them giggle within their maona of pleasure.

I bet Lily is superticklish down there too. Being relatively untouched, I bet if someone like Rumble was to tie her up and fuck her, She wouldn't be able to help but giggle as his cock actually tickles her insides. Of course, getting her to scream in hysterics is always best by gripping and tickling on her inner thighs.

If it was underwater, and a squid was fucking her with its tentacles, it'd be over. She wouldn't be able to form words through her gales of giggles as the squid slowly and meticulously drags, wiggles, and tickles every inch of her supple flesh as he grips her and fucks her silly. She'd be so overloaded with sensation that her little body would quake with orgasm after orgasm that she juat wouldn't be able to handle.

Anonymous >> #2219
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I've got one more little erotic piece.

Pinkie and Lily go scuba diving. What Lily doesn't know is that Pinkie is going to get very close to her, hug her, reach into her Scuba suit, and massage her flat chest. Lily would protest "P-Pinkie, what are you doing? Sthap, that feels weird."

But Pinkie wouldn't stop, and she's much stronger than Lily. Lily struggles in her grip as Pinkie begins to strip her of her suit,massaging and touching her body as she nibbles her ear. Lily is blushing, but she has no idea what's going on, she trues to fight Pinkie to no avail.

Then Lily gasps when Pinkie gently plunges her finger into her little pussy. "Oh Lily, you're so cute, I can hear you breath deeply now. Better not breath too deep, you don't want to run out of air" She's say as she plays with her labia, her clit, and continuing masturbating the little girl as she moans, whimpers, and begs Pinkie to stop.

Eventually, Lily's body kicks on it's own due to the pleasure as she blushes deep red and breathes ever deeper into her mask. "You don't know what cumming is, do you Lily? Don't worry, you will pretty soon. But that might not be good for you with all these fish around, I wonder what would happen if you did cum. Let's find out!" Pinkie would say as she starts to fingerfuck Lily faster.

Lily twitches and groans in pleasure, begging Pinkie to stop as she feels a build up in her lower body. A build up that was both too intense and pleasurable for her. "PINKIE! PLEASE!NGH! GOTTA! PEE!"

"That isn't peeeee~" Pinkie would say softly in her ear as she gives one more soft rub along her inner walls to make her cum her little girl juice into the ocean as she squeals a cute scream of orgasmic pleasure.

But her girly scent was causing something to happen to the fishes. Pinkie swam backwards as she watch the fishes enter a sexualised frenzy. Poor Lilypad was being sexually assaulted by many schools of fish. And worst yet, due to that unwanted orgasm, she was more sensitive as ever.

As the fish swam and rubbed all over her body, she squealed and laughed, begging for it to stop as the fish milked even more of her girly juice from her pussy by stroking their fins along her vulva,slit, and clit.

Pinkie just watched and masturbated herself as Lily was tickle raped over and over again by the fish. And whenever Lily entered another laugh filled climax, Pinkie herself would have one as well.

The fish were unrelenting, and Lily was too paralyzed in laughter to stop her pussy from being assaulted by the fish. Her entire body was their plaything as they nibbled and rubbed along every inch of it.

Poor, Poor, giggly Lilypad